Karim Bamboo leads the National Bank attack to confront Pharco

Tariq Mostafa, the technical director of the club’s first football team, announced Ahli Bank About forming the team to face Pharco.

The formation was as follows

Goalkeeper: Muhammad Abu Jabal.

Defensive line: Mohamed Abdel-Ghani, Mahmoud El-Gazzar, Moussa Farawy, Yakubu.

Midfield: Mohamed Fathi, Saidou Simbouri, Ahmed Madbouly, Mohamed Bassiouny.

Offensive line: Karim Bamboo, Osama Faisal.

The list of substitutes was as follows:

Hassan Shaheen, Mahmoud Qaoud, Assem Salah, Ibrahim Hassan, Mohamed Hilal, Ayman Ashraf, Imad Fathi, Yaw Anwar, Sergey Aka.

Pharco occupies last place in the league table with 7 points after playing 12 matches, achieving one win and a draw in 4 matches, losing 7 matches, and its players scored 11 goals and conceded 19 goals. On the other hand, Al-Ahly Bank occupies fifteenth place with 12 points after playing 14 matches and achieving a victory. In 3 matches, it tied in the same number of matches and lost 8 matches, and its players scored 17 goals and conceded 19 goals.

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