Let the referees oppress Al-Ahly as they want.. Al-Raqi faced Al-Fateh with 13 players!

Al-Ahly was on time despite the numerical shortage


Despite the shock that Al-Ahly received in the first minutes of its match against Al-Fateh, with the expulsion of its Brazilian defender Roger Ibanez, it turned out that Al-Raqi was playing with 13 players and not 11 as usual!

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Al-Ahly tied with Al-Fateh 1-1, in the match that brought them together in the 22nd round of the Saudi Roshen League competitions, in the match that was held at the Radioactive Jewel Stadium.

Despite this draw, Al-Ahly played one of its best matches during the current season, as its players proved that they are capable of achieving their club’s goals.

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Al-Ahly has 13 players!

Whoever watched the Al-Ahly and Al-Fateh match saw well that Al-Raqi was playing with 11 players on the field, and a coach who almost participated with the players, in addition to the tremendous support provided by the fans.

The German coach, Matthias Jaesle, Al-Ahly’s coach, played a major role as he was able to put all his might on the match referees, in addition to the fact that he did not sit for a single minute on the bench, he was always directing the players.

As for Al-Ahly fans, there is nothing wrong with them, they were present in very large numbers at the Radiant Jewel Stadium, in order to support the Al-Raqi stars, and they succeeded from the first minute to the last in spreading the spirit of enthusiasm among the players, and we found the players giving double their effort.

Therefore, we found that Al-Ahly, especially in the second half, seemed to be playing with full ranks, in light of the continuous support from coach Yasla and the Al-Raqi fans who were on time, despite the continuous objections to the refereeing decisions that began with Ibanez’s expulsion, and continued until the end of the match.

Maximin is a deal that will not be repeated!

French star Alain Saint-Maximin continues to perform at his best level with Al-Ahly club, since he joined the team during the last summer transfer period.

Maximin was the source of the greatest threat to Al-Ahly club against Al-Fateh, as he succeeded in scoring a historic and wonderful goal, with which he equalized for Al-Raqi against Al-Modudi.

Maximin established himself as one of the most successful deals concluded by Al-Ahly Club over the past years, and it will be difficult for such a deal to be repeated in the future.


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