Private| Investigations into the killing of Yemeni officer Hassan Al-Obaidi: He caught a girl at night from the Nile Corniche and she planned to steal his money

Mustafa Bakr:

Published on: Sunday, March 3, 2024 – 5:36 PM | Last updated: Sunday, March 3, 2024 – 5:37 PM

The confessions of those accused of killing the Yemeni officer, Hassan al-Obaidi, in the Faisal area revealed that the accused had drawn up a plan to ensnare those seeking sexual relations, drug them, and steal their money, until they were able to trap the victim and assault him in his home until he died.

Today, Sunday, the Giza Criminal Court decided to postpone the first session of the trial of 5 defendants in the case of the premeditated murder of Major General Hassan al-Obaidi, a Yemeni military official, coupled with forced theft inside a rented apartment in the Faisal area, to the next March 6 session for review.

Al-Shorouk obtained details of the investigations, which included the confessions of the third accused, Israa Saber Attia, 21 years old, before the Public Prosecution, before her appearance in court today.

The accused said: “My job was to get to know men so that I could have sexual relations with them for money, and after that I got to know Ramadan during this job, and we fell in love with each other and agreed on a common-law marriage, and we stayed in Fayoum with him in his house for about two months, and after that we returned to Cairo.”

She added: “Our financial situation was good, because Ramadan was working with my mother’s husband in furnishing the cars, and after that, the world started to become difficult for us. I suggested to Ramadan that I go back and work again in my work with the men, to work on a business that we can manage, because the money was difficult for us, to the point that We sat for three days without eating, and Ramadan coincided with this topic of my work.

She continued: “We agreed that if I found any customer, I would ride with him in the car for a while or go to the apartment with him, and Ramadan would be a sleeping person with me, so that I would spend the night with the customer and drug him, and Ramadan would come and steal whoever was with him.”

She continued: “Indeed, two days before the issue of this Gulf man, I went to the streets of Maadi and Manial, but no one stopped me, and on the third day I recognized the Gulf man who died.”

• A night girl on the Corniche

She added: “While I was walking on the Nile Corniche at one and a half in the morning, I found an angel’s car of the same color and he saw me and stopped next to me, and I found the one who was driving it holding me close to me, so I was happy. I rode with him and he sat talking to me, and I understood from his accent that he was not Egyptian and that he was Gulf, and he asked me if he would sleep with me and he would guide me.” 4 Thousands of pounds, so I told him that I would go and go to the apartment, and he started telling me not to leave it tomorrow, I was going to sit with my friends.

She continued: “When I looked in the car in which he was riding, I found many gifts with him, so I understood that he was rich, so I said that I would seek any interest from him, and I preferred to ride with him in the car, while he was a worker, holding my legs and my chest for the purpose when he reached me near my house, and I got off after that, when I took his phone number from him and gave it to him.” My phone number and we agreed that I would go to him the next day.”

She continued: “When I went, I told Ramadan about what had happened to me and the rich Gulf man, so we agreed that we would seek any interest from him because he is a rich and rich man and he would not be able to do anything with us and he would not know how to answer us again, and I remained at home until I received a message on the phone that the man Al-Khaleeji tried to call me, so I went to call him on the phone.”

She added: “He said that he wanted me to go to him with two other daughters so that she and one of his friends could sleep with him, and he gave us a lot of money, and I told him that I had no one but my sister with me, but he went and told me to send me her picture, so I was happy to send him a picture, and I told him that this was my sister, and he liked it, and he told me Come on, you two, and she will send me a location for his owner’s house.”

She continued: “I told Ramadan, and he told me that you and your sister are going to leave, one of them will keep him busy, and one of them will put him to sleep until he sleeps, and the first when he sleeps, he and Abdul Rahman, my sister’s husband, will come out and steal the apartment and we will all go down, and if the man resists and does nothing, we will silence him and support him until he stops any resistance because he does not “He exposes us.”

The accused said: “Ramadan and I agreed on this plan, and I spoke to Abu Suhair’s wife and asked her where she was about it. She told me that she was still coming back from abroad and she and her husband, Abdul Rahman, were sleeping. Ramadan and I were happy at Suhair’s house, and when we told them about the issue of the Gulf man and the plan that we had put together.” They agreed to it and told us that they would implement this plan with us in order to find out his response for any benefit. Suhair and I got into a taxi and moved to the house of the Gulf man, and he was walking behind us, Ramadan.”

She added: “We spoke to the Gulf man and told him that we were standing at the house, so he said let it be another day because my friend who was with me had walked away, so Suhair went to talk to him on the phone and said to him, ‘I mean, you can answer us this whole distance and go back on your words,’ so he said to us, ‘Okay, come.’ And when we went there and arrived.” At the building he said we talked to him, he came down, opened for me and Suhair, and we went out with him to his apartment on the 12th floor.”

• Hypnotic in a wine bottle

The accused continued: “When we entered the apartment, we all sat in the hall and played songs. He had put a bottle in the shape of wine and began to pour it for me, for Suhair, and for himself, and he began to drink, and Suhair and I sat and danced for him, and after a little while he got up and entered the bedroom to pick up the charger from inside. I was happy to go out to the sleeper and perform it.” For Suhair, she put some of it in the cup he was drinking from, and then the Gulf man actually came back and drank it all, and we stayed with him until the snow was gone, and he got up to get snow from the kitchen.”

She added: “I put a little bit of the sleeping pill in his drink until the Khaleeji started to feel dizzy. While we were sitting with him, Ramadan called the phone I had with me. I reached out to Suhair and said to her, ‘Answer your mother so that the man doesn’t feel in need.’ So Suhair went and took the phone and went into the kitchen and said.” They told them that the man still did not know, so Ramadan asked her if it was one or two, and she replied to him and said to him, “It is only one,” so he went and said, “Give me Israa,” so she went out of the kitchen and said to me, “Call your mother.” I went into the kitchen connected to the second Ramadan. He said, “Why is it only one?” I didn’t tell him why. I told him that I was going on the basis that it was two of them, but I found that his friend was not there and he was the only one there, so he told me to come down and open up for us so that we can finish the matter early and no one would feel between us, and you try to get rid of the man and tell him that you want to get something from him. under”.

She continued: “I closed with Ramadan, and I actually went to the man and said that we are hungry and give me money so that we can get food from under the table, and because I had a piece of hashish to roll up two cigarettes for us, the first one said to me, ‘Stay until morning, and I will get you the hashish you want and the coffee.’ I told him that I have it.” Hashish and I was going to get the money, but he gave me two hundred pounds, the keys to the apartment, and the elevator code, so I went to leave them and went downstairs.”

She continued: “The first time I went down to Yadubak, I opened the door of the building. I found Ramadan and Abd al-Rahman at a glance. They entered at a distance behind each other, and I went ahead of them at the elevator door, and they rode with me, and we went to see the Gulf man’s apartment. The first time I put the key in the door of the apartment and I opened it and I went in, Ramadan entered after me. Abd al-Rahman Fadl was standing at the door of the apartment. The Gulf man saw us. I went to Abd al-Rahman inside the apartment and told him to be quiet, and the convoy of the door went to us with the key.”

• The Yemeni officer resists

She continued: “The two of them continued to hold the man and try to contain him and conceal himself with their hands until they reached the hall. They were workers who held the Gulf man until they seated him on a chair in the hall, and Ramadan remained strangled by the neck with his left arm and his knee on the ground while Abdul Rahman was sitting on the Gulf man’s lap.” The man started to chase them both, and Abdul Rahman started to take off the Gulf man’s trousers and started hitting the man with it. I told them to take a picture of him because I know that they are afraid of pictures and scandals, and the man tried to get up but fell on his face.”

She added: “Ramadan said, ‘Bring me a veil with a veil tied to it,’ and Abd al-Rahman entered the room and told me, ‘Give me a veil that we can gag the man with.’ I sat taking down the clothes in the closet to look for a veil, and at the same time I was looking in the closet for something so we could steal it, and then Abd al-Rahman brought a veil of its color.” Yellow and a pillowcase, and they took Suheir’s scarf and he went back to Ramadan, hitting the man with the back of the knife in the back of his head, and they both left, binding him.”

• A safe in the victim’s home

She continued: “I took what was in a safe located in the bedroom next to the door. I was happy and said to Ramadan about it, so Ramadan went back to the man again and they started hitting Ramadan and Abdel Rahman on the head with their feet again, and they started asking him about the keys to the safe and the Gulf man told them he had no idea what was there.” In the safe, and I will give you more money than what is in the safe, because Ramadan left the man with Abdul Rahman and beats in it to find out where the keys to the safe are.”

She continued: “The man had beaten Abdul Rahman so much that he started calling on Ramadan to tell him where the keys were, and he actually said where they were, so Ramadan found the keys and at that time the man began to talk less, and in fact Ramadan opened the safe and we took all the paper and money in it and brought two bags.” Mina blamed everything in the house, including clothes, perfumes, phones, cigarettes, playstations, and clothes.”

She mentioned: “We looked at the man and found him completely out of breath and not moving, and Ramadan told us to calm down at all, and I told him to get down and get a taxi and call me. Among the things that I took from the apartment was a small remote, and I was on it for Ramadan, and five minutes later it called for Ramadan.” I found him telling me to get out of the door of the building, the first car on your right hand, and get into it.

She continued: “Indeed, when we went down, we found Ramadan sitting in the car, and we rode with him, carrying the stolen goods, until when we went near the house where Ramadan and I were in Imbaba, Ramadan went to our home, Suhair and I, and we rode a tuk-tuk to the house, and he and Abdul Rahman walked in the car, and about a quarter of an hour later, they returned from a non-Arabic car and drank two cigarettes.” Hashish and tea.

The accused added: “Ramadan went out to sell the Arabic phone and the phones and exchange foreign money. He wanted to get rid of the Arabic phone and the phones so that they would be tracked, and Ramadan went missing for two days from Friday at 6 a.m. until he returned on Sunday at 2 a.m., and when he came back, we divided the money among all of us and we agreed.” “We rent a new apartment where we can all sit and have lunch.”

She concluded by saying: “In the end, we all slept, and my sister and I went to my mother’s and we sat with her for a while, and I held onto my mother’s fan as I returned to the door of our house.”

• Referring the accused to trial

The Public Prosecution ordered that those accused of killing Major General Hassan Al-Obaidi, Director of the Military Industrialization Department in the Yemeni Ministry of Defense, be referred to the Criminal Court for urgent trial on charges of premeditated murder associated with other felonies, in the case No. 3854 of 2024, Bulaq Al-Dakrour Felony.

The Public Prosecution stated in a statement that, on February 18, it received notification that the body of the victim had been found murdered inside his apartment in the Omraniya Department, so it took the initiative to move to the crime scene to conduct the necessary inspections and assigned the Forensic Medicine and Criminal Evidence Departments.

She added that she took the initiative to arrest and bring those who the investigations indicated had committed the incident – two women and two men – and another who concealed the proceeds of the crime. Upon questioning them before the prosecution, the four defendants confessed to committing the incident for the purpose of theft, and the stolen goods were seized from the fifth defendant, whom the investigations indicated knew that they were the proceeds of the crime.

The defendants are: Ramadan Muhammad Balidi Ali, 29 years old, a driver, who was previously accused in many cases, most notably “murder, a weapon without a license, theft, and intentional damage,” and Abdul Rahman Ashraf Shehata Mustafa, known as “Abdo Asalia,” 17 years old, a turner and a floor resident. In Giza, Israa Saber Muhammad Attia, known as “Dina,” 21 years old, a housewife, Suheir Abdel Halim Muhammad Abdel Halim, known as “Menna,” 16 years old, a housewife, and Aya Mahmoud Youssef Abdel Latif, 24 years old, a worker, (accused of hiding stolen items) .

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