Reminiscing about the past… Messi and Suarez lead Inter Miami to a huge victory

Argentine legend Lionel Messi and Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez scored two goals each at dawn on Sunday, in the match that brought together their team, Inter Miami, with its guest, Orlando City, in the American League, and ended in favor of Messi and his teammates 5-0.

Suarez, who recently moved to the ranks, scored Inter Miami Coming from the Brazilian Gremio, the first two goals came in the fourth and eleventh minutes after two assists from Julian Gressel, before the former Spanish Barcelona player made the third goal for the Finnish Robert Taylor (29).

Messi scored the fourth goal at the beginning of the second half (57), before concluding the festival with a header following a pass from his former teammate in the Catalan club, Suarez.

Messi praises Suarez

And raise Messi His tally stands at three goals with an assist in three league matches so far.

Messi praised his colleague Suarez, saying: “I am very happy for him, because he was able to score. We were calm anyway, and we know what Luis can do.” The Argentine star added: “He’s like this. When you don’t expect it, he decides a match, as he did today with goals and assists.”

The American team, which includes an elite group of former Barcelona stars, is preparing to compete in the CONCACAF Champions League next Thursday evening against Nashville SC, in the first match of the tournament, as the team seeks To achieve a result Positive test outside home during the first leg of the first round.

Messi: “Our team is ready”

Messi said in his statements to Apple TV: “I think that, under the pressure we are under, we realize the value of the team and what we have built, and we will prepare to fight for the American Premier League title.”

He added: “We know that this road is long and that it has not begun yet, but the reality is that we all realize that we have a team ready to compete, and we will strive to win. It is also important that we start the season well, especially in the first matches because the league will stop after that, and other tournaments will begin.” .

He continued: “It is really good that we can reach this station that we have set for ourselves with a little breathing room… to start in this way and get the largest possible number of points before tournaments like the Copa America, the League Cup, and everything that is coming.”

It is not known whether Messi will participate in the upcoming national team matches, as… Argentina is locked Two friendly matches with El Salvador and Costa Rica, on March 23 and 27, as part of preparations for the upcoming Copa America Cup.

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