“Save, don’t shoot, we are under the staircase”: a chilling recording of the abducted Alon Shemriz who was accidentally shot was revealed

In the recording revealed today (Sunday) in Kan 11, the voice of the late Alon Shamriz is heard asking – “Save them, don’t shoot, we are under the staircase”. . Alon, who was a graduate of the Yalam unit, realized that a GoPro camera was installed on him, and the three yelled at the fighters and asked them to save them. The recordings were revealed to the forces only after the abductees were killed.

The late Alon Shmriz, Photo: no credit

For five days, Alon, Samer and Yotem were on a survival mission, trying to do everything they could so that the military forces that were near them would recognize that they were there. Finally, they were accidentally killed by IDF fire, after being identified as terrorists.

Yotam’s father painfully referred to his son’s last moments in an interview with Here 11: “They should have done very simple actions, announce to them, try and find out. I didn’t ask them to enter the house and endanger themselves, on the contrary, they could have demanded that the children go outside. But instead of that, what are they Did they? They pointed a machine gun there and fired two missiles into the house.

“Alon knew how to bring them under the stairs, because that was the safest place inside the house. Alon realized that everything was on his shoulders. They located three tablecloths, measuring approximately one and a half meters by one meter, and they found a box of a crib. On one map they wrote SOS, in English. On the second map they wrote ‘Save, three abductees’. They put stones there and fixed it so it wouldn’t move. Everything was in the son’s handwriting, very easy to recognize, Alon has a very special script. And every time the children placed what that they placed, the army thought it was a pull attack.”

“It should have ended differently.” The funeral of Alon Shamriz, the abductee who was shot to death by our forces, Photography: None

He goes on to describe: “They took off their shirts, made a white flag fixed on a nearly eighty-meter stick. And he came in broad daylight, a sunny day, no dust, in the middle of a rather large square. The three of them went out, and the snipers for some reason thought they were terrorists, and didn’t even try to warn them and they just shot them to death. After about an hour and a half, the army went to make a death certificate. When they approached the bodies, they suddenly discovered the body of Yotam. They saw tattoos on him, and saw that he was red-haired, and then they realized that it could not be a Hamas terrorist , it is not typical for Hamas terrorists to have tattoos. Alon was shot by one bullet, in the chest area. If they had approached him in time, he could have been saved.

“A terrible mistake. Alon didn’t need us. Alon did this job for everyone. All the army had to do was hug him. And instead the army shot him. My heart hurts, this shouldn’t have happened.”

The late Yotam Chaim. “He was very talented, smart, but full of pain,” Photo: Courtesy of the family

Yonatan Shmriz, Alon’s brother, responded to the recording: “We watched the investigation in front of a bunch of smug officers. During the recording part, my mother left because she knew she wouldn’t stand it. I listened and the tears flowed and the blood froze for a few minutes. I thought it was behind us. No one should hear This. And here, the IDF is leaking and inflicting on us the psychological terror of Hamas. Now it’s out, forever. long live the state of Israel”.

The late Samer Talalka, Photo: no credit

As I recall, the IDF finally rejected the request of the families of Alon Shamriz and Yot Haim to recognize them as IDF martyrs. The head of the ACA, General Yaniv Asor, officially informed the families of this, but left an opening for the establishment of a committee to discuss the issue in the future.

The sign found in the house where the three abductees who were accidentally shot were staying, Photo: IDF spokesman

Shamriz and Chaim were accidentally shot to death in Sajaya neighborhood in Gaza, together with Samer Talalka. The three managed to escape from the apartment where they were held, and although they came out with their upper bodies naked and holding a white cloth, they were shot by a sniper who thought they were terrorists. Two of them were killed immediately, and another abductee was later shot dead – contrary to the battalion commander’s order to stop shooting. The IDF investigation revealed many deficiencies in the force’s functioning.

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