“She passed by two merchants”… The trip of the “Al-Arish student” to buy “death” pills

11:19 PM

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Books – Tarek Samir:

The Public Prosecution’s statement, issued on Sunday evening, revealed new details about the death of Naira Salah, a student from Al-Arish.

The Public Prosecution stated in an official statement that the investigation team followed the expected itinerary of the deceased as soon as she left the university city campus until they reached a store selling agricultural pesticides, the owner of which admitted to members of the Public Prosecution and investigations that the victim had come in a taxi to request to buy grains, and after he informed her that she had not availability; She left and the Public Prosecution verified the veracity of that story by watching the recordings of the store’s surveillance cameras, and through those recordings it was also able to determine the number of the taxi in which the deceased was traveling.

The Public Prosecution asked the driver, and he admitted that he accompanied the deceased, who told him that she was a student at the College of Veterinary Medicine and that she wanted to buy grains because she needed those grains for study purposes, adding that he accompanied her to another store, which turned out to be closed, but they met with its owner, who informed them of the presence of the aforementioned grains in his private residence. So they went there with him, and upon summoning the latter, he admitted during the investigations that he had sold 3 grains of grain to the deceased for 55 pounds.

The Public Prosecution is completing the investigations and urgently receiving the Forensic Medical Authority’s report to determine the specific cause of death.

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