Towards International Women’s Day: Partner TV pays tribute to Israeli female filmmakers

Ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8, the media group Partner continues to support female Israeli cinema for the second year. During the coming month, Partner TV will show a selection of short films by Israeli female filmmakers in their television premiere, which were shown at the International Women’s Film Festival in Jerusalem.

The films were directed by the best promising female directors in Israel and present a wide range of cinematic styles from different genres. Among the films that will be broadcast: ‘Baalot Brit’ with the participation of Joy Rieger, ‘Open my sister’ with the participation of Agam Rodberg, ‘Bris’ with the participation of Daniel Stiopin, ‘Pasak Zaman’, ‘Quarry’, ‘Pafzniots’, ‘The extension in front of the museum’ and more.

The International Festival for Women’s Films in Jerusalem is the only festival for women’s films in Israel. The purpose of the social film festival, which is managed by the “Women in the Picture” association, is to celebrate and reveal original female work, believing that equal representation will lead to an equal world. During the festival, sponsored by Partner, over 70 films created by women from Israel and the world are shown.

Quarry (Photo: Mai Abadi Grabler)
Quarry (Photo: Mai Abadi Grabler)

A joint tour for the Partner administrations and the fighters of the ‘Shahar’ battalion

For 16 years, Partner has been adopting the Shahar Battalion – the fighting battalion in the rescue brigade of the Home Front Command, a mixed battalion of men and women fighters. Led by the battalion commander Lt. Col. Jordan Shukron, the female fighters of the battalion, who have only recently been active in Gaza, are joining the tour together with the managers of Partner at the Design Museum in Holon, where the “Equal Breaker” exhibition is currently being held. The exhibition, the first of its kind in which over 120 projects from Israel and the world are presented, deals with the connection between design and gender.

Over the years, Partner adheres to a policy of promotion and equality between women and men. The conditions of employment of the male and female workers at Partner are not affected by one gender or another, but are determined according to the nature of the position and its professional performance only. About 50% of the top management at Partner are staffed by women.

Partner calls on women who are engaged in the professions of engineering, programming, information systems, technicians, sales, service and marketing to join the company. Similar to last year, the company recently launched a “company brings a company” promotion, in which an employee who recommends a new employee will receive a grant of NIS 3,000.

Partner management (Photo: Yanai Yehiel)
Partner management (Photo: Yanai Yehiel)

More information about the films that will be released starting March 7 at Partner Films and VOD

Allies – Desi Kreuzer’s film with the participation of Joy Rieger, Hani Einstein, Rachel Verbov, Mati Moore and more. The film unfolds the story of Michal, who has been married for a long time and longs for children. When her sister-in-law gives birth to a son, she invites her to be a ‘quarter’ in the circumcision ceremony and transfer the baby from the women’s side to the men’s side to her husband Noni. It is a virtue to entrust children. This places the two sisters with dealing with each alone and both together and all this while everyone is waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Open for me sister – Hani Eisenstein’s film with the participation of Agam Rodberg and Uri Bloferv. The film tells the story of David and Michal, a young ultra-orthodox couple who just got married. They both look forward to the exciting meeting in the special room, but when David locks the door of the room as mentioned in the Halacha, something happens that neither of them expected and brings them to a complex emotional struggle.

Timeout – Rita Brodiansky’s film with the participation of Suzanna Papian (Sovitska), Masha Maria Saman, Yaniv Zanba, Eli Zanati, Noa Kadaria and the late Alexander Borodyansky. The film tells the story of a girl from a Keshet Yom family, who takes care of her parents while serving in the crossings of Tulkarm When something serious happens at home and she has to return, she is forced to arrest a girl from Tulkarm as a condition of returning home.

quarry – Hila Roizenman’s film with the participation of: Lena Freifeld, Svetlana Demidov, Mark Rosenbaum, Andrey Kashkar and Yevgeny Terletsky. The film tells the story of Masha, a young woman who faces a life-changing crisis, as a result of which she comes to look for her mother, Vera, in the quarry where she works. There she discovers her mother’s new and sensual life.

puffs – Haya Mosheiv’s film. Ella and Adik, siblings of a traditional Bukhari family, arrive at their parents’ house on Christmas Eve, where they find their homophobic father lifeless and dressed in women’s clothes. This, while their mother is on the way home and they are faced with the dilemma of what to do.

The plaza in front of the museum Cancer of Noa Ben Shalom and Noa Amiel Lavi. The Tel Aviv Museum Square, surrounded on all sides by the symbols of government, is a meeting place between art and life. Already at the opening ceremony of the museum, there was a first demonstration. Since then, the square has become a magnet for artistic actions, demonstrations and protests. Through the extension, the film observes the museum, and wanders between things in the world of everyday life.

Bris – Tamar Kay and Nachman Pikovsky’s film with the participation of Daniel Stiopin (main box office), Kiril Pashuk and more. This is a story that echoes “The Binding of Isaac”, which takes place in Kiev in the late 1980s: 8-year-old Max sets out with his adored father for an exciting day ahead of their immigration to Israel. The two arrive in a remote neighborhood, where Chabad emissaries are waiting for them. Max had to face a decision that weighed heavily on his small shoulders – whether to listen to the whispers of his heart even at the cost of disappointing his father.

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