What is shocking in Barcelona is normal in Madrid…!

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Hi Koura: Mostly and most likely, based on the initial numbers, there is no first-class club in Europe that has a high infection rate like what happens in Real Madrid and Barcelona.

In Zidane’s second season with Real Madrid after his return, the team reached a record and historical record with an average of 61 injuries during just one season. The first star in that period was Eden Hazard.

Yesterday, Barcelona was hit with two severe injuries in the midfield, as Pedri left crying, and De Jong also did not complete the match, as the number of injuries has now reached 26, which made the reactions of the Barcelona fans contain a lot of fear and annoyance… while on the other hand, on the other side in Madrid, he arrived. The number is 32 so far, including 3 cruciate ligaments, and life is rosy with Mr. Ancelotti.

Real fans, after the historic record with Zidane, no longer care about the number of injuries during the season, no matter what happens. The number of 61 injuries is no club in the world that has reached it during the previous years, which has created a high level of immunity among the fans.

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