Asyad Dry Dock Company in Oman announces job vacancies

ASYAD Company in the Sultanate of Oman has announced vacant jobs available in many fields, including estimating, billing, and planning. In this article, we will learn about all the details of these jobs in addition to the conditions for each job.

Asyad Dry Dock Company jobs

Asyad Dry Dock Company jobs

The Omani Asyad Group announced the availability of some job vacancies, and these positions are as follows:

Conditions for obtaining jobs

Asyad Dry Dock Company jobs

The company has set a set of conditions that must be met in each job separately, and these conditions include the following:

Conditions for the job of Estimating and Billing Leader

It is necessary for the applicant to meet the following conditions to obtain the job, including the following:

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Conditions for the function of the chart

Among the conditions set by the company for this job are the following:

How to apply for ASYAD vacancies

It is possible to apply for these jobs through this linkIt is worth noting that these jobs are not limited only to Omanis, but are available to other nationalities.

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What is Asyad Dry Dock?

Asyad Dry Dock is located in the Sultanate of Oman in the port of Duqm, close to international shipping routes, which saves time for ships. It includes a berth of 2,800 meters in length, in addition to the depth of the dock ranging from about 9 to 10 meters and is equipped with two ship docks, which gives it the opportunity to receive ships with a cargo. Up to 600 thousand tons.

What are dry dock services?

Among the services provided by the Dry Dock is the management of emergency repair projects, whether major or minor, with high efficiency and speed, in addition to the ability to design and implement all steel structural works.

What is the benefit of a dry dock?

One of the benefits of dry dock is to provide a suitable area so that waterlogged areas inside the ship can be detected, in order to maintain and repair them.

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