Banjo…the first Arab commercial model for artificial intelligence from Huawei

During its participation in the “LEAP 2024” conference, Huawei Cloud is showcasing a variety of advanced cloud capabilities integrated with artificial intelligence solutions and specifically designed according to the requirements of the Saudi market and the markets of the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa region, which the company is targeting from the Kingdom. Huawei Cloud’s participation in this event comes in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which focuses on economic diversification and digital transformation, as the company’s business strategy aims to support the capabilities of partners and cooperate with them to meet the requirements of government agencies and economic sectors in the Kingdom in terms of achieving the goals of digital transformation, smart data management, and improving the experience. Customers through its world-leading cloud platform, which was designed with a focus on making the most of artificial intelligence capabilities.

“Huawei Cloud Riyadh Region”, the main center for Huawei Cloud services in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa region, has been providing advanced and reliable cloud services since its launch in September 2023. The center covers three service availability zones through which it provides customers with secure and innovative services with low latency. This region not only covers major telecom companies, but also offers a comprehensive range of cloud services for various sectors and industries, including infrastructure, databases, data warehouses, big data, and artificial intelligence services. Huawei Cloud, Riyadh Region, obtaining a Class C license within three months of its launch reflects Huawei Cloud’s firm commitment to enhancing communication capabilities, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence services in the Kingdom, which contributes to enhancing its competitiveness in the digital age.

During the “LEAP 2024” conference, Huawei Cloud will showcase “Huawei Cloud” services in the Riyadh region, which focus on enhancing the level of customer service, levels of innovation, and prospects for local development of solutions and services that are compatible with various business scenarios. At the forefront of the technologies presented by the company is Pangu 3.0, the first Arab commercial artificial intelligence model of its kind, pre-trained with hundreds of billions of indicators, which outperforms similar models dozens of times in terms of understanding and generating responses. This model uses a multi-layer architecture to support different usage patterns, and meets the diverse needs of enterprises for large models.

Pango’s other AI-powered model solutions include Inquiry Assistant for government agencies and businesses, and smart city solutions. The first solution supports inquiry services in several languages ​​based on the Arab Pango model and digital human technology, while the second solution supports multiple data analysis using large multi-modal models to assist smart operating centers in the fields of cities, electric energy, transportation, and others. Moreover, Huawei Cloud will showcase smart solutions to support multiple sectors including automotive, e-commerce, government, electricity, finance, and media and entertainment.

On this occasion, he said Alan Ke, President of Huawei Cloud Middle East and Central Asia: “We believe that our cloud solutions combined with artificial intelligence capabilities can help drive digital transformation across various sectors, and contribute to establishing more sustainable smart cities. We are determined to explore possible ways of cooperation with our partners in the Kingdom to spread the positive impact of cloud and artificial intelligence solutions in terms of driving the growth of companies and improving the level of services they provide in line with the Kingdom’s strategy for digitization and its regional and international position as one of the most important technology markets.”

In its booth, Huawei Cloud also displays the GeoGenius Digital Twin solution and ways to use it in developing the next generation of smart cities, known as cognitive cities. This advanced solution can help cities provide better services for public transportation, electric power, emergency services and much more. In addition, the company will offer the Video Analysis and Assimilation Service (VIAS), which collects, distributes and analyzes video data captured by surveillance cameras and reports emergency situations. Using Huawei Cloud’s leading AI and big data technologies, VIAS enables event detection, analysis, and decision-making to support smart workplace performance, city management, smart water systems, smart transportation capabilities, etc.

On the fourth day of the conference, Huawei Cloud will host the “Huawei Cloud Automotive” forum, which provides an important platform for automobile companies to communicate with the Saudi government and expand their business in the Saudi market.

resources Dr. Zhou Shangao, Vice President of Huawei Cloud’s Artificial Intelligence Sector for the Middle East and Central Asia, a keynote speech on the “Deepvest” platform entitled “Reshaping sectors using artificial intelligence.” In it, he will explain how Huawei Cloud has placed the “Artificial Intelligence for Sectors” strategy at the core of its core missions, and how Huawei Cloud’s “Bango” models can provide the intelligent assistant service to support everyone in all sectors, making them more productive and efficient. Alan also participates in a discussion session on the main platform of the conference on “Cloud Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability,” where he talks about Huawei Cloud’s deep belief in the necessity of using technology to create a better world for everyone, and the company’s commitment to using its expertise to stimulate sustainable innovation.

Huawei has an established presence in the communications and information technology market in the Kingdom in particular and the Middle East and Central Asia region in general for more than twenty years. Over the past four years, Huawei Cloud has dedicated its efforts to providing advanced cloud services, local services, and an open ecosystem. Last year, Huawei launched local cloud services in Saudi Arabia and several other countries, where companies can access Huawei Cloud services without establishing their own data centers to expand their scope globally. Moreover, Huawei Cloud will launch local cloud services in Egypt and the Philippines. It is also launching AI-powered cloud services in Hong Kong to provide large-scale intelligent computing capabilities. With 85 availability centers in 30 regions around the world, Huawei Cloud provides services to customers in more than 170 countries and regions.

Over the next five years, Huawei Cloud seeks to empower 200,000 developers in Saudi Arabia by creating joint solutions with 1,000 local partners and supporting 2,000 startups. In cooperation with global and local partners, Huawei Cloud aims to facilitate the digital and intelligent transformation of countries and institutions and build a solid ecosystem to enable digital transformation in the region.

During the conference, Huawei Cloud will sign memorandums of cooperation with many partners, which confirms the company’s keenness to align its cloud technologies with the partners’ development goals, its firm commitment to common goals, and its constant keenness to advance customers’ capabilities in the age of digital intelligence. Huawei Cloud will cooperate with many partners to achieve more tangible results that will leave a profound impact in various sectors and herald a new era for the digital age.

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