Kuwait withdraws citizenship from Hakim Al-Mutairi and ten others.. Why? …

The government withdrew Kuwaiti Nationality From the head of the Umma Party, Ruler of Al-MutairiIn addition to ten others, most of whom were women, according to a decree issued by the Supreme Committee for Kuwaiti Citizenship.

It came in Decree Citizenship was withdrawn from Hakim Al-Mutairi and four others: Sarah Al-Ajmi, Abdul Rahman Al-Issa, Dhafer Al-Ajmi, and Jamila Al-Otaibi… based on Article 11 of Emiri Decree No. 15 of 1959.

Article 11 of the above law indicates that a Kuwaiti loses his nationality if he acquires the nationality of a foreign country, noting that the law allows anyone who returns to reside in Kuwait for a full year and renounces his other nationality to obtain Kuwaiti nationality again and is considered to have regained it.

Hakim Al-Mutairi left Kuwait years ago and did not return to it due to high court rulings against him in political cases.

According to another related decree, Kuwait withdrew citizenship from: Wadha Al-Otaibi, Razan Ghazal, and Zakia Muhammad… based on Article 9 of the same law, which stipulates that “If a foreign wife acquires Kuwaiti citizenship, she does not lose it upon the end of the marriage unless She regained her original nationality, or acquired another nationality.”

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Citizenship was also withdrawn from Hoda Ali, Abrar Ali, and Andah Al-Enezi, based on Article 10 of the same decree, which stipulates that “a Kuwaiti woman who marries a foreigner does not lose her Kuwaiti nationality unless she accepts the nationality of her husband upon her request.”

It is noteworthy that Hakim Al-Mutairi has been residing in Turkey for years, and he was arrested at the end of last year, due to a deportation decision against him to Kuwait, but that did not happen.

The Kuwaiti Umma Party, which Al-Mutairi heads, indicated that the arrest came at the request of the authorities in Kuwait after a life sentence was issued against him in absentia.

In April 2021, the Kuwaiti Criminal Court sentenced Hakim Al-Mutairi to life imprisonment, in the case known in the media as “Gaddafi Leaks.”

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