New developments in the incident of the Shorouk girl, Habiba Al-Shamma

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Monday, March 4, 2024

Books – Mahmoud Saeed:

Dr. Amr Abdel Moneim, the lawyer for the Uber driver accused in the “Sunrise Girl” incident, Habiba Al-Shamaa, said that the prosecution has set a hearing for next Monday, February 11, to consider the matter of renewing his client’s detention.

Abdel Moneim added in statements to Masrawy that an examination of the victim’s clothes did not prove the presence of any narcotic substances that had been sprayed on her.

Dr. Muhammad Amin, the lawyer for Habiba Al-Shamaa’s family, said that the Public Prosecution received the report from the chemical laboratory of the Forensic Medicine Authority of the accused driver.

“Amin” explained that the analysis proved that the Uber driver was positive for using narcotic substances, and thus it will change the course of the case. There is now a criminal right against the company for its negligence in detecting the drivers, and the accused will face charges of narcotic drug use.

The lawyer for the family of the Shorouk girl, Habiba Al-Shamaa, filed a civil claim before the Public Prosecution, accusing Uber and its driver of harming her financially and morally in the amount of 100 thousand pounds and one as temporary civil compensation.

Civil compensation enables the victim’s defense to plead before the court later and return to request compensation before the civil court if a final ruling is issued in her favor on the criminal aspect.

Habiba Al-Shamaa had jumped from an Uber driver’s car on the Suez Road after she feared that she would be harassed and kidnapped. She told an eyewitness, “The Uber driver will kidnap me,” while the driver then fled the scene.

The security services were able to arrest the accused and refer him to the competent court, which issued a decision to renew his detention for 15 days.

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