There are no more problems.. The Minister of Supply delivers good news regarding sugar prices

01:22 PM

Tuesday 05 March 2024

Books – Muhammad Sami:

Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, said that subsidized sugar is dispensed on ration cards at a rate of one kilogram for each person registered on the card, at a price of 12.6 pounds, and up to 6 kg of subsidized sugar is dispensed per card, according to the number available, and additional amounts of sugar are also dispensed on Cards are priced at 27 pounds per free kilo, at a rate of 1 kg per card; Includes 3 people or less, and 2 kg additional sugar for a card that includes 4 people or more.

Al-Moselhi added: “Soon we will not hear of a problem with sugar,” with sugar factories producing beets, in addition to sugar also being produced from cane.

It is worth noting that Egypt produces 2.8 million tons of sugar annually, including 1.8 million tons of sugar beets and one million tons of sugar cane.

Today, Tuesday, via video conference, Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, and Dr. Ibrahim Ashmawi, First Assistant Minister of Supply and Head of the Internal Trade Development Authority, opened 16 offices from the network of model commercial registry offices in many regions in the different governorates, “Giza, Menouf.” In Menoufia Governorate, Gharbia Extracts Unit, Kafr El-Dawwar, 10th of Ramadan, May 15th, Minya, Ibshway, Tamiya Al-Saf, Ras Ghareb, Al-Sinbillawain, Abu Tig, Al-Manzala, Rashid, Desouq.

This comes within the framework of the President of the Republic’s directives to develop and modernize the infrastructure of the internal trade system, as well as accelerating the pace of digital transformation and facilitating establishments and their employees’ access to distinguished services within the framework of the Ministry’s plan to automate catering and commercial services.

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