The battle continues: Amit Segal’s move against Eliyahu Yossian

The Twitter battle between Amit Segal and Eliyahu Yossian: Last night (Sunday) the researcher of the Iranian society addressed a question to Ahmed Tibi: “Do you have a solution for the abominations in my people? Hello now, silence breakers, MPs, and the like, most of whom are secular-liberals?” Could you give me good advice, when God gives me strength, how to handle them?” The political commentator reacted sarcastically, and after Yossian answered him – Segal chose to block him.

Amit Segal wrote to him as follows: “If we wanted violent Iranian fundamentalism, we would go to the source” and as mentioned he blocked it, after which Yossian shared in the blocking and wrote: “Why does an appropriate Zionist-Jewish response make them run away, block, censor?”.

Eliyahu Yossian: “Maybe Amit Segal sold his soul to Channel 12?”

In response to Segal’s post, Yossian replied: “This is the moment that Amit Segal has no sense of humor and missed my cynical post. Therefore, unfortunately I have to respond to him seriously. What do you think? Amit Segal sold his soul to Channel 12?”. According to Eliyahu Yossian, “The ideological current that I strongly oppose (secular-liberal) dismisses the people of Israel. After all, they define the crocheted kippa current as a Nazi, messianist, racist. Yair Golan publicly defined Amit as an Arab-hater, and this is the same current that defines the kippa current Blackness is primitive and we have seen ugly anti-Semitic phenomena against the ultra-Orthodox in the recent demonstrations. This movement dismisses every Jew who does not think like it.”

“The absurdity is that Amit Segal personally interviewed Knesset member Ahmed Tibi, the same man who supports the martyrs. Maybe Amit Segal sold his soul to Channel 12 because of the paychecks he receives from them?! What do you think?” he concluded.

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