The Israeli army announces the liquidation of prominent Hamas leaders in Rafah

The Israeli army announced on Wednesday that its forces had liquidated prominent leaders of the Hamas movement in Rafah, through a joint operation with the Internal Security Agency (Shin Bet).

She said Israeli army In a joint statement with theShabak“On Monday, she got up Fighter planes of the army, based on intelligence information from the Israeli army and the Shin Bet, liquidating prominent members of agitation in RafahAnd who helped its military wing impose its continued control, as well as operations in the field.”

He added that leaders agitation Those who were liquidated were Sayed Kuttab al-Khashash, Osama Hamad Zaher, and Muhammad Odeh al-Malakhi, heads of Hamas’ emergency office in the north and east of Rafah, and Hadi Abu al-Rous Kassin, operations officer.

Nidal al-Walid, head of the Hamas movement’s Rafah emergency office, who managed all of the movement’s operations in the region, was also eliminated in an air strike last week.

The joint statement explained that “the leaders are senior activists and represent the Hamas leadership in Rafah. As part of their duties, they managed the terrorist organization’s activities in humanitarian areas and were responsible for coordinating with Hamas activists in the field.”

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