Elissa on Big Time Podcast and gives her opinion about Asala, Ahlam and Sherine

A frank and bold interview conducted by Elissa, which included many details of her personal life and her relationships with the artistic community and others, in a new episode of the Big Time Podcast with Amr Adeeb via mbc and Shahid.

During the conversation, Amr Adeeb asked Elissa a question and asked her to ask some of her fellow stars, and here she talked about her opinion and her relationship with them. At first, she talked about Sherine Abdel Wahab, and said that she loves Sherine very much, and wondered about the reason for her disappearance and decline in the recent period, especially She had everything that would put her in the best place, and I advised her to surround herself with good people in order to return to how she was.

Regarding Asala, she explained that she does not need to ask in order to speak, because she is a frank person and has a beautiful tongue and goes along with everyone to the point that you do not know who you love. She expressed her great love for Abdul Majeed Abdullah, and expressed her wish to perform a singing duet with him, and she also loves hearing Rashid. Al Majed… She also talked about her good relationship with Ahlam and praised Amr Diab, and that despite his appearance a lot recently, he remains a plateau.

Elissa’s jealousy

Elissa talked about her jealousy and said: “I deserve to be jealous of me, and I love this feeling because I am a person who is jealous of those I love.” She added: “Because of jealousy, I left most of my friends, and it is a difficult feeling when someone is with you and you succeed while he is in his place.”

Elissa loses her money

During the meeting, Elissa revealed her huge loss of money due to the recent banking crisis in Lebanon and said: “I was shocked when I received the news of the seizure of my money in the bank, but thank God there are people other than me who committed suicide. As for me, I have an art and I was able to compensate for what I lost…but what about other people? “Their fate.”

She added that during the crisis, she bought a number of properties and lost a percentage of her money, but now she is relieved, even though she was shocked, especially since Lebanon’s banking system was one of the most important banking systems in the world, like the Swiss system.

Calls to Elissa from unknown people

She also revealed that she is subjected to anonymous calls… and they try to scare her because of the opinions that she publishes, and she indicated that she is afraid of those calls and threats.

Elissa and her lover

Elissa revealed new information about the identity of her lover, and said that he is not Lebanese and is two or three years older than her, but they were born on the same day, and that he is a rich person and has beautiful white hair, and she communicates with him constantly, but he lives abroad, adding that he loves her to a greater degree than her, but she loves him very much.

She added that she trusts him very much and feels comfortable because of this trust. She explained that they are similar in character and have several common characteristics. She said: “I can get married. I would love to marry this particular person.”

Big time Podcast

Celebrities and stars in the fields of singing, music, acting, media, and others appear in the “Big Time Podcast” program with Amr Adeeb and Asala on MBC1, MBC Egypt, MBC Iraq, and the “Shahid” platform.

The dialogues focus on the celebrities’ visit to the Riyadh Season, their general impression of the changes that have occurred in the Kingdom in recent years, and their personal experiences in the Saudi capital, which will encourage viewers to visit and explore the culture of the Kingdom, after getting to know the personal experiences of the celebrities there, who also talk about their lives. The most important experiences that shaped their professional careers, the most prominent challenges they faced, and the greatest achievements they achieved.

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