Events of the first episode of the Cobra series

Written by: Nada Gamal

The “Cobra” series takes us on an exciting journey full of action and comedy, where Mohamed Imam in the role of “Cobra” shows us a character full of contradictions and challenges. “Cobra” is exposed to many problems and difficult situations, which puts him in a struggle between good and evil, and events escalate in a way that makes us wait. Watch every episode with passion and anticipation.

In the first episode of the series, we are introduced to the character “Cobra” in an exciting way, as it shows his release from prison after serving a long period, and he faces several challenges from the beginning of his return, including facing different characters such as Magdy Kamel in the role of the teacher Shaykhun and Ahmed Abdel Hamid in the role of Harbi. Conflicts and paradoxes begin to unfold gradually.

Thanks to Mohamed Imam’s strong and exciting acting, and thanks to the distinguished script and wonderful direction, the “Cobra” series is considered one of the exciting and anticipated Ramadan productions, and is an unforgettable viewing experience for fans of drama and excitement.

Cobra series dates

The dates for the Cobra series in Ramadan 2024 are as follows:

On MBC Egypt at 11 pm.

On MBC Egypt 2 at 1:30 am.

Replay on MBC Misr 2 at 4 pm.

On MBC Drama at 9 pm.

Replay on MBC Drama at 5pm.

The first episode of the “Cobra” series was broadcast on the evening of Wednesday, March 27, 2024, at the specified times.

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