Gaza War: Israel must submit to America now – Haaretz newspaper

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The United States abstained from voting on Resolution 2728 in the UN Security Council

International newspapers still devote a large portion of their articles to analyzing the course of the ongoing war in Gaza, especially after the United States abstained from voting against the recent Security Council resolution in favor of a ceasefire in the Strip, which opened the door to questions about whether Washington had backed down from its supportive position. For Israel in the war.

In our first newspaper review article for today, we review an article published by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, entitled “Israel must submit to America… now,” written by journalist Daniel Kurtzer – who served as the US ambassador to Israel between 2001 and 2005.

Kurtzer begins his article by saying that Israel’s strong response to the United States’ abstention from voting in the Security Council regarding the ceasefire in Gaza is a “bewildering” step, as he believes that Israel is intensifying its “confusing” behavior against the White House at a critical moment in the war.

The writer says: “On the one hand, the Biden administration has shown unprecedented support for Israel – in providing non-stop weapons and continuing political support – even in the face of growing opposition from within the Democratic Party, on campuses, and within the country,” and “On the other hand, Israel’s responses have become “On US appeals to ease its military offensive and ensure more aggressive provision of humanitarian aid.”

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