I am living a new love story with a non-Lebanese man

The artist Elissa revealed a new love story that she is living with a non-Lebanese man who is about two years older than her, and Elissa contented herself with talking about him without revealing his name and identity, confirming that he is rich.
Regarding their relationship, Elissa said that he does not interfere in her artistic work or her dress on stage, while he has an opinion about her dress in their private life.

Elissa added that her lover lives abroad and she sees him from time to time, explaining: “I could marry him and I love this particular person because with age, experience and maturity I decided to get married and it doesn’t matter if I have children, but I am looking for good company, and he is nice.”
She continued: “He loves me more than I love him, but I also love him very much, and I am very confident in him and comfortable with him. He never made me think of anything wrong with him, and he understood all my qualities. We resemble each other in characteristics, the same zodiac sign, the same day, the same character, reactions, and way of getting upset.”

Jealousy in Elissa’s life

Elissa loves to feel jealous of her, explaining that she deserves her lover to be jealous of her, saying: “There are many times when jealousy comes from me, and many times I encountered it in love relationships and with my friends and girlfriends, and I ended long-standing relationships and friendships because of jealousy.”

She said: “The money was in the banks of Beirut, and a lot of them were gone.. What was gone was gone and I was finished. I lost hope, and thank God I am financially comfortable, and I was compensated by God. There are people who have no lira, but I am working and God has given me and I have my livelihood. I have worked for 25 years and they are gone, but I am fine, thank God.” .
She indicated that she was unable to compensate for her huge loss in the banks, continuing: I was shocked and saddened that the Lebanese banking sector is the same system as the Swiss banking sector, which is considered one of the most important banking systems in the world, but unfortunately everything happened.

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