Inquiry about the pension using the national number after a 15% increase

Written by Medhat Wahba

Thursday, March 28, 2024 01:12 PM

Allows The National Authority for Social Insurance Many services for owners Pensions Electronically, as possible Inquire about the value of the pension After a 15% increase, without the need to go to insurance offices, the pensioner can access the website of the National Social Insurance Authority by registering the national number and logging in as a user, in addition to registering the password to find out the value of the pension due to him.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, had directed the government to implement a package of social protection measures for vulnerable and low-income families. Increase pensions by 15% The support allocated to the “Solidarity and Dignity” program was also increased to 41 billion pounds, in addition to increasing the minimum wage to 6 thousand pounds.

The Ministry of Social Solidarity begins Payment of pensions in April 2024 From Nasser Social Bank, starting next Monday, the first of the month, an increase of 15% for the second month in a row.

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