Maliha series, episode 2.. Cyrine Khas and her family leave Libya

Maliha got up (Sirin Khas)By leaving Libya, she and her grandfather (Anwar Khalil) and her grandmother (Diana Rahma), during the second episode of Maliha seriesAfter her father (Marwan Ayesh) and her mother (Roufi Al-Shannat) were killed by armed gangs, after the explosion that resonated in the area where they lived.

The scene of Maliha and her family leaving was to the tune of the song “Return,” which says, “If you ask Jerusalem for its children, tell it your children are for Sheikh Jarrah. If you ask Gaza for its day, tell it there is nothing left but displacement” by Nay Al-Barghouti, amid Maliha’s recollection of her scenes with her parents before they were killed. .

Maliha series heroes

It is mentioned that Maliha series Written by Rasha Ezzat Al-Gazzar and directed by Amr Arafa, produced by DS+, and starring Diab, Mervat Amin, Palestinian Cyrine Khas, Diana Rahma, Ali Al-Tayeb, Amir Al-Masry, Ashraf Zaki, Hanan Youssef, Marwa Anwar, Anwar Khalil, Rufi Al-Shannat, Marwan Ayesh, Marwa Anwar, Hanan Suleiman, and other artists. The series’ directors also hired director Sherif Arafa to lead a second directing unit that works in parallel with the main unit.

Maliha series show dates

Displays Maliha series Daily during the second half of Ramadan, at 11:30 pm and the replay at 8:15 am, while it is shown on the CBC channel at 6.5 pm and the replay at 9:45 pm, and on Al-Hayat channel at 11:15 pm, and the replay at 5:15. in the morning and the second replay at 8:15 am, in conjunction with its showing on the Watch it platform, as part of the Ramadan 2024 series.

Leaving Maliha
Leaving Maliha

Maliha's mother dies
Maliha’s mother dies

Malbaha and her family
Malbaha and her family

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