Maliha series, Episode 3.. Show times and broadcast channels

Displays Maliha series Episode 3, starring Diab, on the ON channel at 11:30 pm, the replay at 8:15 am, on the CBC channel at 6:05 pm, the replay at 9:45 am, and on the Al-Hayat channel at 6:05 pm. At 11:15 pm, the replay at 5:15 am, and the second replay at 8:15 am, in conjunction with its showing on the Watch it platform, as part of the Ramadan 2024 series.

She witnessed the second episode of Maliha series The first meeting between Maliha (Sirin Special) and Adham (Diab), a border guard officer, while she, her grandfather, and her grandmother came to Egypt, and the border guard forces checked their passports.

While she is waiting for the procedures to be completed, she meets Adham, who asks her about the reason for her fanaticism, so she tells him that her grandfather (Anwar Khalil) is injured and has been inside the bus for a long time, waiting for the procedures to end. Meanwhile, Adham finds one of the men trying to quickly get off the bus and escape, and when He calls him and he does not answer him, so we discover that he is one of the terrorist elements and he placed a bomb inside the bus Jed Maliha was on, but Adham quickly takes him down, while the terrorist blows up the bus, so the events of the episode end there.

Maliha series, consisting of 15 episodes, written by Rasha Ezzat Al-Gazzar and directed by Amr Arafa, produced by DS+, and starring Diab, Mervat Amin, Ashraf Zaki, the Palestinian Cyrine Khas, Amir Al-Masry, Anwar Khalil, Rehab Al-Shannat, Diana Rahma, Marwan Ayesh, Marwa Anwar, Hanan Suleiman, and other artists.

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