Report: The solar eclipse in April will lead to an unexpected result

It’s destined to happen Total solar eclipse In the United States on April 8, people plan to be in the right place when it happens.

The ideal place is a 100-mile trail that extends from Maine in the northeast to Texas in the south. Being on this trail will allow you to experience a fleeting moment that will witness… Daylight diminished The noise of nature stops when the creatures are fooled by the false dusk.

Another finding, according to recently published research, is that there could also be an uptick in traffic accidents, however, it is not thought to be because distracted drivers look out their car window to get a better look at the eclipse, or suddenly become confused by He ordered them because of the dim light.

Instead, the increase in crashes appears to be largely due to higher traffic volumes as millions of people make their way toward a concentrated area in the United States.

The research, published this week in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, says there has been a significant increase in fatal car accidents in the United States over the past few years. Total solar eclipse In the United States in 2017, its total path extended from coast to coast.

The data indicated a 31% increase in traffic safety risks around the time of Total solar eclipse For 2017, in absolute terms this averaged one additional person involved in a collision every 25 minutes and one additional fatality every 95 minutes.

The overall relative risks are described as “similar in magnitude to the increased traffic risks observed on Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, or the 4th of July weekend,” the newspaper said.

Similar to next month’s eclipse, the eclipse that occurred seven years ago created a lot of excitement because the path Total eclipse It occurred within a 300-mile drive of a third of the country, and an estimated 20 million people traveled from their homes to another city to view the celestial event, resulting in more cars on the road than usual.

As traffic increased, researchers described possible factors for the rise in crashes at that time as “travelling on unfamiliar roads, speeding to arrive on time, driver distraction due to a rare celestial event, and drug or alcohol-induced impairment due to the eclipse.” Celebrations and viewing the eclipse from unsafe roadside locations.

And it will be Total eclipse Next to the Sun is within driving range of more than 200 million people, so those who hop in the car to make their way to the viewing spot are advised to “respect speed limits, minimize distractions, allow greater progress, wear your seat belt, and avoid driving while impaired.” With all that taken care of with it.

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