Shabbat entry and exit times in Rishon Lezion: 30.3.2024

Shabbat entry and exit times in Rishon Lezion: The Shabbat of March 30th in Rishon Lezion, Ka Adar B. 5 Tashpad, will begin on Friday at 6:37 PM and will end the next day at 7:36 PM. This week we read the Parsha of the week:

“Command Aaron and his sons to say this: the Torah of the Ulah is the Ulah on the altar” (chapter 6, verse 2).

The episode opens with God’s commandment to the priests to offer a burnt offering. A burnt offering is a sacrifice that the priests did not enjoy. When a person does not enjoy something, does he rush to do it quickly? Not really.

Rabbi Gamliel HaCohen Rabinowitz said in his book ‘The Nature of the Pearls’, the passage opens with the word “Zoo” – the language of command and prompting precisely because of this reason, that the priests do not enjoy an offering, and therefore they need to be expedited so that they do not neglect their work and do it perfectly. Compared to the word “order”, the rabbi mentions the verse that opens the previous parashah, Parashat Vikra: “And he called to Moses, and God spoke to him from the Tabernacle”, the word Vikra shows affection. G-d wanted to teach Moshe a passage in the Torah, so he used the word of affection, because when you want to influence the other you have to use the word of affection.

Precisely now, in these pre-Passover days, days when the mess will be celebrated in the house together with the water and the soap and the bucket and the order and the cleanliness or the dirt, precisely now one should be careful to use affectionate language to prompt the members of the household to prepare for Passover and not in harsh language.

The rabbi says: “And it is well known that the month of Nissan is a month of salvation and miracles. And anger and strictness cause a person to lose his livelihood, and a person who is angry or causes anger in his home loses the great salvations. And whoever prevents himself from anger and strictness surely deserves to continue the comprehensive salvations for him and his family members.” .

And I wish we would have the privilege of not being angry at all, not at ourselves, not at the members of our household, not at brothers from our people and speaking words of affection to each other. And thanks to this, with God’s help, we will be able to see great salvations with the return of the abductees home and our soldiers will also return healthy and whole in spirit, body and soul and we will celebrate the Seder night with great joy.

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