The 6 most famous myths related to the 2024 solar eclipse, the most prominent of which is food poisoning

A rare astronomical event that will not be repeated until 20 years later, as the Earth will witness Total solar eclipse Monday, April 8, 2024, and its middle time coincides with the conjunction of the month of Shawwal for the year 1445 AH, and it is considered the first solar eclipse in 2024.

A total solar eclipse can be seen in “Mexico – United States of America – Canada,” and it can be seen as a partial eclipse in “western Europe – North America – northern South America – the Pacific Ocean – the Atlantic Ocean – Antarctica,” but it cannot be seen in Egypt.

Many myths and legends have been associated with the solar eclipse, which we review in this report, according to the “eclipse2017.nasa” website.

The most famous myths and legends associated with a solar eclipse

Solar eclipse…harms the pregnant woman

There is a myth that indicates that a pregnant mother’s exposure to harmful radiation emitted during a total solar eclipse causes harm to the baby.

Solar eclipse… poisons any food

One of the myths associated with a solar eclipse is that the radiation resulting from a solar eclipse may cause food and crop poisoning.

Solar eclipse…a bad omen

Total solar eclipses are not often recorded in the historical record, but are best recorded when they coincide with other historical events, such as disasters, so solar eclipses have been associated with bad omen.

Solar eclipse.. predicting changes in life

It is believed that a solar eclipse foretells a change in the life of a person or his friends, but this is a myth and illogical.

Solar eclipse…a sign of an exceptional celestial event

A solar eclipse is a reaffirmation of the regularity of the universe’s clock, so it is a myth to believe that this is an exceptional event.

Solar eclipse…a sign of poor health

One of the myths associated with the solar eclipse is the belief that the occurrence of the eclipse two months after celebrating Christmas is a sign of poor health.

Solar eclipse
Solar eclipse
Another photo of a solar eclipse
Another photo of a solar eclipse

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