The father of Shani Lok who was murdered: “We need to change the phase, Hamas needs to pay in the ground”

Nissim Luke, the father of Shani Luke the 14th, who was murdered on October 7th while she was at the Nova Party near Kibbutz Ra’im, was interviewed by Pethati Vazmari on Radio Gali Israel and commented on Israel’s response to the actions of Hamas. “The only thing we need to do to rise from the ruins is to make sure that Hamas pays In the ground,” he said.

The scene of the massacre at the Nova party.

The scene of the massacre at the Nova party. Photo: Chaim Goldberg, Flash90

Nissim Lok: “The only thing they care about is land”

According to Luke, we still think that human life is a value in Gaza. “They have no value to human life,” he ruled. “The only thing they care about is land and we have to understand that. I know it sounds strange and messianic but I am a very non-messianic person, I used to teach physics at colleges and universities in Israel and I really don’t come from that direction. In the end it will happen, because it is the only hope of our country To get out of the ruins into which ‘Likud’ put us.”

He also emphasized that we need to change phase and understand that we are in the Middle East. “We are a people of merciful and pious people and that’s why we eat it. How did a Christian I met abroad say to me about this – ‘You are a people of idiots’.”

Shani Lok was murdered by Hamas

As I recall, at the end of last October it was allowed to be published that Shani Lok, who was considered missing until then, was murdered. Luke participated in the nature party in Berai, and was identified on the day of the massacre – while she was still alive – in videos distributed on the Internet. Luke also held German citizenship.

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