Video – Ahmed Abdel Aziz reveals the fact that he sold his apartment due to financial hardship

During his interview with the program “Sary Ink” presented by the journalist Asma Ibrahim on the “Cairo and the People” channel, the artist Ahmed Abdel Aziz revealed the truth of the news that was circulated on social media sites about him selling his old apartment because he was going through financial hardship, stressing that art is treacherous.

Ahmed Abdel Aziz said: “I did not sell my old apartment, due to financial circumstances, and what was raised about that was just a rumor and incorrect news that had been used for a long time.”

He added: “I had an apartment in Alexandria and I sold it, and it was incorrectly reported that I sold my home furnishings due to financial hardship, but I sold it normally without any circumstances… I am a strong believer that sustenance belongs to God, and whoever has his sustenance in the hands of God should not worry about today or tomorrow.” I have never worried about this all my life, and I have been exposed to many financial crises in my life, and it is our job, but I have not managed to sell my home furniture.”

Ahmed Abdel Aziz concluded his speech by saying: “Art is treacherous, and I mean in general, and I did not think about doing business at all, and I did not mean that it is treacherous financially and artistically only, but it is treacherous in general and not just me. Life passes and turns and takes the next, and in the past I read plays and did some of them that talked about the artist.” He was the most famous person, full of hearing and sight, and time is running out on him and he is no longer a star and it is gone. The acting profession does that in most cases, and from a financial standpoint it does that, but all the time I have never had a job in business at all because I don’t have time, work takes up all the time.”

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