Video – Maha Ahmed’s crying and Fadi Khafaja’s apology… the most prominent clips of “Ramez Gabe from the Other”

Artists Maha Ahmed and Fadi Khafaja fell victim in yesterday’s episode of the program “Ramez Gap from the Other,” presented by artist Ramez Jalal on MBC Egypt.

Ramez Jalal mocked the guest artists during his presentation of the episode, saying: “They exposed us on the scene, confronting us with the stars of shame and shamelessness… Maha Ahmed and Fadi Khafaja.”

Maha spoke about her crisis with Fadi, confirming that she had resorted to the judiciary and filed a report against him, explaining: “I have filed a case against him and I will not give it up, even if he apologizes to me… for my dead body if I give up.” Regarding her crisis with Ahmed Al-Sakka, Maha Ahmed said: “I “I made a mistake in this matter.”

Fadi Khafafa spoke about the same crisis, saying: “Someone hated her and blocked her, and she attacked me and all of me.” Regarding his talk about Magdy Kamel, Maha Ahmed’s husband, Fadi said: “I am wrong because I brought up Magdy Kamel’s biography.”

Maha Ahmed cried after falling into the trap of the “Ramez came from the other” prank, saying: “I am wrong. I heard your words and came, Ramez.”

Fadi Khafaja apologized to Maha Ahmed, after their famous crisis on “Tik Tok”, when he said: “I am sorry for Professor Maha, this is my sister, and I am sorry for Magdy Kamel, my teacher, and I will never do that again.”

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