Yossi Yehoshua on Radwan forces: 3 months ago we had all the legitimacy to operate in Rafah


Reporter Yossi Yehoshua (‘Yedyot Ahronoth’) on the campaign in the Gaza Strip • On the northern front: “These days are important to gather intelligence in real time for the possibility of war”

After Hamas rejected the outline for the release of hostages, the IDF is starting to prepare the military operation in Rafah. All this at the same time as criticism from around the world calls on Israel not to carry out such an operation in the area. Yanon Magal and Barak Seri spoke on 103fm with the reporter and military commentator Yossi Yehoshua (Yediot Ahronoth ‘) which referred to things.

“We opened Gaza very, very well and the performance in Shifa is not bad at all,” he noted and added: “Let’s say the IDF made a mistake and did not simultaneously open the war in both Khan Yunis and Rafah, three months ago he could have already moved to Rafah. This is a serious fault that needs to be investigated and talked about, why didn’t we act in Rafah, not now when the American pressure is heavy.”

Yehoshua went on to claim that “we will be in Khan Yunis for four months, at the same time we could activate another division towards Rafah. Three months ago we had all the legitimacy to operate in Rafah. Today it is a decision of the political echelon. Four months ago we could have operated in Rafah.”

As for the northern front, where escalation is recorded every day, and the activity of IDF forces against Hezbollah, he said: “We are pushing the Radwan forces significantly to five kilometers. There are quite a few dead, 300 or so, including the commander of the Radwan force. This is an achievement significant in combat. We are damaging the air capabilities, he is targeting the Miron area, according to his publications he also targeted our Iron Dome batteries at the beginning of the week, he knows the locations. There is no need to say what was successful and what was not, in my opinion it is a mistake, even when the army publishes it and some from the journalists”.

“We do take away his capabilities, we restored the freedom of air operations in Lebanon. These days are important for gathering intelligence in real time for the possibility of war. We are going up another click, two, firmly, and both sides say they do not want war, so we have to be careful that we are not dragged to Elia because we have a front in the south that is still open,” he emphasized.

He further explained that “the definition of the political and IDF level is to preserve Lebanon as a secondary arena. Therefore, what you are doing, you are now calling for capabilities to take away as many means as possible from him, especially in the worlds of air defense, as the Americans are arming us and the Iranians are arming them. That is why there is an effort in Syria, we are hurting them with a lot of Iranian advisers who are now removing their feet from Syria. They reduced the presence of their people there, because every chance we have we attack them.”

Editing: Shani Romano


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