10 Chinese car models decreased during March, at a value between 170 thousand and 600 thousand pounds

Written by Amani Samir

Friday, March 29, 2024 08:00 AM

The Egyptian car market is witnessing a continuous decline in… cars pricesThe market witnessed a continued decline in cars, especially Asian brands. We found Chinese brands offering a new discount on one of the BAIC models, specifically the BAIC X7 model, which decreased by about 600 thousand Egyptian pounds.

The price before the decrease was 2 million and 350 thousand pounds, so the current price is one million and 650 thousand pounds.

Al-Mansour Company, the Chinese MG agent in Egypt, also revealed price reductions for the 2024 MG 5 models, at a value ranging from 170 to 200 thousand pounds for some categories.

Explaining that in the event of any new price reductions that may occur until mid-June, the value of the differences will be refunded to consumers (cash back).

MG 5 model 2024 prices

The first category before the relief was one million pounds, and after the reduction it was 830 thousand pounds.

The second category, before the reduction, is one million and 100 thousand pounds, after the reduction is 900 thousand pounds.

As for the Chinese JAC brand, affiliated with Al-Qasrawy Group in the Egyptian market, it has offered a discount on various Chinese JAC models, which are as follows:

Jack JS3

The price of the 2024 JAC JS3 decreased by about 86 thousand pounds, and its price reached about 1,018,900 pounds instead of 1,104,900 pounds.

Jack JS2

The decrease also included the JAC JS2 car, where the decrease amounted to about 170,000 pounds, and its price reached about 849,900 pounds instead of 1,019,900 pounds.

Jack JS4

Finally, the price of the JAC JS4 dropped to about 190,000 pounds, and according to the new price list announced today, its price reached about 1,089,900 pounds instead of 1,279,900 pounds.

The Al-Qasrawy Group also reduced the prices of 2024 Chinese Jetor cars, with values ​​ranging between 75 and 110 thousand pounds.

Jetour X70

The first category now amounts to about 1,184,000 million pounds, compared to 1,259,000 million pounds, a decrease of 75 thousand pounds, and the second category is worth 1,254,000 million pounds, instead of 1,349,000 million pounds, a decrease of 95 thousand pounds.

Gateway X70 Plus

The prices of the Jetour

Gateway X90 Plus

The prices of the Jetour


The prices of the first category decreased to 1,394,000 million pounds, compared to 1,489,000 million pounds, a decrease of 95 thousand pounds, and the second category by about 1,494,000 million pounds, compared to 1,589,000 million pounds, with the same value as the first category’s decline.

The company introduced a new category of Jetour DASHING car at a price of 1,659,000 million pounds.

It is noteworthy that the wave of reductions continues from various agents in Egypt, following the dollar breakthrough that occurred and the measures taken by the Central Bank of Egypt, and the provision of dollar liquidity to the production components sector, including local car production companies.

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