A new decision from the prosecution in the “Barajil Girl” incident (document)

07:47 p.m

Friday, March 29, 2024

Books – Ramadan Younes:

The Public Prosecution decided in Case No. 1768 of 2024, the administrator of the Osim Center, to transfer the body of the Barajeel girl, “Rehab Rushdi,” to the Forensic Medicine Authority (Cairo Anatomy House), to assign the forensic doctor to write a detailed report on the body of the deceased.

The Public Prosecution requested a comprehensive report on whether or not there was any criminal suspicion regarding the fulfillment, and a statement as to whether or not there were any vital injuries on the body. In the first case, a statement of the date, reason, and manner in which the fulfillment occurred, and also a statement on whether there were any weapons or tools used to carry out the act. These injuries lead to fulfillment or not, with a specific statement of the direct cause leading to death, along with taking a sample of the deceased’s blood to the mercy of her master, and also taking a sample of the deceased’s nail clippers for analysis to indicate whether that sample contains human cells from other than the deceased, or not, and a statement of whether In that sample, there were traces of resistance or infection, whether or not, from extracting the DNA and keeping the result until the comparison element was available, as well as taking the visceral sample, as well as taking all critical samples to indicate whether or not they contain narcotic, intoxicating, or toxic substances, and in the first case, a statement. Its type, the table included in it, and a statement of whether these materials, if any, were taken by force or not, along with the preparation of a detailed report on everything mentioned above. We decided to submit it to us and present it to us at the appropriate time to attach it to the investigations.
The prosecution also expedited investigations into the incident, its circumstances, and circumstances, as to whether or not there was any criminal suspicion in the death of the deceased.

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