Aiten Amer: “I was afraid to say no to any work, but Asham died and I took his condolences.”

She said Artist Aiten AmerShe used to accept participation in artistic works that she was not satisfied with by 70%, but she no longer does this.

Amer added, in her interview with the journalist Basma Wahba, presenter of the “Al-Arafa” program, on Al-Nahar and Al-Mehwar channels: “Now I no longer do that. Now I have learned how to say no, and this was one of Wafa Amer’s most important advice to me. She always told me who to say.” “No, they are stronger and they succeed more and faster.”

The artist continued that she was afraid of rejecting the works offered to her in the past, which is what she now faces, as she has become more able to reject works that are not acceptable to her: “I was afraid to say no, and I was influenced by greed, so there were those who would tell me, ‘We are in We need you to participate in our artistic work, and I would have agreed to participate even if I was not convinced by the film, but Asham died and I took his condolences and I kept saying no because I was deprived.”

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