An expert explains how the Baltimore Bridge disaster occurred with a simulator from inside the giant cargo ship

CNN’s Miguel Marquez joined Captain Morgan McManus on the ship’s simulator to try to relive the moments before the cargo ship “Dally” collided with the ship.Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Captain McManus explained how such a disaster could occur in a total blackout, as he calls it, on board Huge cargo ship “Dali”.

What they train students to do is deal with these situations Do everything they can to avoid collision, Whether it’s reducing speed, almost coming to a stop in the water, and then they’ll release the anchors.

“But if we can’t slow down the ship,” the captain added, “you can lower the anchors down and have them drag or surround along the bottom to create resistance to slow the ship down.” But for that to work, you need time and distance.”

He said:“If they called back and said we had power, the first thing we would do is go into full emergency mode to try to stop.”

Captain McManus confirmed that when… He watched the first video and when he saw the total power going out on the ship, he realized there was a big problem going on.

He concluded by saying, “It will become one of those tragic accidents that we learn lessons from and then apply them to what we teach students about what to do in an emergency on a bridge and a ship.”

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