Astronomical research: The total solar eclipse expected on April 8 will not be seen in Egypt

Astronomical calculations prepared by the National Institute for Astronomical Research revealed that the Earth is on a date with… eclipse It is total to the sun on Monday, April 8, 2024 AD, and the timing of its middle coincides with the conjunction of the month of Shawwal of the year 1445 AH, which is the first solar eclipse in 2024.

Astronomical calculations indicated that the expected total solar eclipse cannot be seen in Egypt, but it can be seen as a total eclipse in Mexico – the United States of America – Canada), and it can be seen as a partial eclipse in western Europe – North America – northern South America – the Pacific Ocean – the Atlantic Ocean – Antarctica (cannot be seen in Egypt).

She continued: The eclipse will take approximately 5 hours and 10 minutes from its beginning to its end. At the peak of the total eclipse, the moon’s disk will cover about 105.7% of the entire sun’s disk. The total eclipse covers an area 197.5 km wide and will last 4 minutes and 28 seconds.

A solar eclipse occurs in the position of conjunction or conjunction, meaning that the occurrence of a solar eclipse heralds the imminent birth of the new crescent, and the center of the eclipse is considered to be the date of the birth of the new moon. A lunar eclipse also occurs in the position of opposition, that is, in the middle of the lunar month when the moon is full.

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