Bakri reveals the features of the new ministerial formation after Sisi’s upcoming speech to representatives

10:59 PM

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Books – Hassan Morsi:

Journalist Mostafa Bakri pointed out the possibility of the emergence of a new government that may include new faces, especially if Dr. Mostafa Madbouly continues in his position as Prime Minister, as the president is expected to assign him to form it.

Bakri stated in his program “Facts and Secrets” broadcast on Sada El Balad channel that this amendment will depend on the evaluations of the regulatory agencies and the performance of the ministers in their duties.

He pointed out that the new government will replace the ministers who did not meet expectations with new, diverse competencies from multiple backgrounds.

He added that the upcoming ministerial reform may include youth elements who have shown competence in performing their work in the recent period, and that some of the current ministers, whether for health reasons or at their request, may not be part of the new formation.

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