Daylight Saving Time 2024: The transition from winter time specifically harms Shabbat keepers

Tonight (between Thursday and Friday, at 02:00) we will move the clock forward one hour – thus we will switch to summer time, which will last until October 27, 2024.

As far as the sports fans are concerned, those who will be hurt by the move more than anyone else are the religious and the Shabbat observant who will not be able to watch the games held on Shabbat or will be prevented from going to the fields.

The time of the transition to summer time falls every year approximately with the start of the playoffs and the decision stages in the various leagues. If in the first part of the season even the conservative fans can watch most of the soccer games that take place after the departure of Shabbat and also go to the fields for games that open late enough, since the clock was moved they “miss” many games.

Football fans at Blomifeld Stadium, Photography: Danny Maron

For example, the coming Saturday – the first after moving the clock – will go out around 19:35. Two of the four tonight’s games will already be over by then, one will already be in progress and the last one (Maccabi Tel Aviv against Bnei Sakhnin) will start right next door and will make it very difficult for the fans of the leading group to get to the game, certainly not for the opening whistle).

Saturday watchers who like to watch the English league and the German league will have to make do with summaries of most of the games or join the broadcast during the late game.

In basketball, there are no games that take place on Shabbat, but for the many religious fans of the sport, there is a significant difficulty in getting to the games that are held on the evening of Shabbat and usually start close to its departure.


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Arling Holland. Even the religious will miss him, Photo: Reuters

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