Dusty atmosphere and rain…an urgent warning from meteorology regarding the weather in the coming hours

10:53 PM

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Books – Ahmed Abdel Moneim:

The General Meteorological Authority warned a short while ago that the country would be exposed to dusty weather, wind activity causing sand and dust, and rain of varying intensity.

Meteorology explained that, by monitoring the weather conditions, the latest satellite images indicate wind activity causing sand and dust in areas of the Western Desert, Lower Egypt, Greater Cairo, North Upper Egypt, the Canal Cities, and Sinai, accompanied by a low level of horizontal visibility.

The north of the country is still affected by a cloud cover of high, medium and low clouds, accompanied by rainfall of varying intensity, being moderate on the northwestern coasts and north of Lower Egypt, extending light to areas of south of Lower Egypt, Greater Cairo, the Canal Cities, the north-eastern coasts, north of Upper Egypt, Sinai and south of the Red Sea Governorate.

She continued: “This atmosphere continues during the night until the early morning.”

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