Elissa reveals her boyfriend and the possibility of marriage… What about the boldness of her clothes?

The star Elissa delved into many aspects of her personal and professional life, while she was a guest on the Big Time Podcast program, presented by the Syrian artist Asala and the Egyptian journalist Amr Adeeb.

The Lebanese artist revealed that she is living a love story with a man two years older than her, without revealing his identity, but she indicated that he is not Lebanese and lives abroad, and belongs to the rich class.

Elissa indicated the possibility of marrying him in the future because of his beautiful companionship and kindness. She added: “He loves me more than I love him, but I also love him very much. I am very confident in him and comfortable with him. He did not make me think of anything wrong with him. He understood all my qualities, and we resemble each other in characteristics. We have the same zodiac sign, the same day, the same character, reactions, and way of getting upset.”

Regarding the loss of her money in the Lebanese banking crisis in 2020, Elissa said: “The money was in the banks of Beirut and many of them were gone… What is gone is gone and I am finished. I have given up hope, and thank God I am financially comfortable, and I have been compensated by God for some people who do not have a lira, but I am working and God willing.” They gave me a living and I have a job for 25 years, but they are gone, but I am well, thank God.”

In response to a question about the boldness of her appearance, Elissa replied: “I grew up in an environment that allowed me to do that. From my childhood, I used to wear bold clothes. If I had grown up in another environment, I certainly would not have done this.”

Elissa concluded by saying: “No one interferes in my work. On stage, I decide what to do. Our relationship began this way, so he should not interfere in the matter, but when we go out together, he may comment on my clothes, and many times I respond to his request and replace them with others.”

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