For the first time: Nir Debori tells about his sister who is dealing with an intellectual disability

Nir Debori Screenshot from arc 12

Nir Debori, the security affairs reporter for News 12, is a familiar figure in every home in Israel. What is less known is that Dvori has a younger sister, Tamar, who is dealing with an intellectual disability, and that he also makes sure to visit her regularly at the daycare where she lives.

Debori, 52 years old, married and father of three children, was born in Kibbutz Ayalon in the Western Galilee. His mother Leah is a math teacher and his father Jacob is an electrical engineer by profession. He has two younger sisters, Tamar, 38, and the youngest, Yael.

It’s been 19 years that Debori has been covering the security sector, but he hardly talked about his personal life until today. Tonight (Thursday), in the program “Intimate with Rafi Rashef” on Beshet 12, he shared for the first time the complex family struggle with Tamar’s severe disability.

Rafi Reshef: “You were 14 years old when you were born Tamar, who suffers from an intellectual disability. Is this something that is talked about in the family?”

vernacular: “Probably. With us there was no such thing as hiding. Definately not. From the beginning, my parents also paid a lot of attention to taking care of Tamar, because there were a lot of question marks about how this thing was progressing and developing, and also about us, to see how within this thing there is also a place for us – for me and for my sister Yael. And yet, it’s very complex because the parents’ attention and concern obviously goes to Tamar.”

Dvori with his sister Tamar as a child. Screenshot from arc 12

Rafi Reshef: “That today she is 38 years old.”

vernacular: “Yes, and she lives in a special residence in the north. And if there’s anything I’m proud of, it’s how my kids met her. They’ve met her more than once, that’s clear. But I didn’t know how the first meeting would be. I prepared them a little, and it was amazing how they played with her and accepted her and were not afraid or scared. Because standing in front of you is a person who looks older, but reacts like a child. And I didn’t know how they would handle it. They were stunning.”

Rafi Reshef: “Is she in a state to call?”

vernacular: “A little, but along the way my parents taught her sign language because they saw that it was sometimes easier for her to express herself that way, and she understands and also recognizes me. she knows”.

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