French Montana performs Umrah rituals with his family

Pictures and video clips showing French Montana while he and his family perform Umrah rituals in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

In detail, thezakk shared photos and videos from in front of the Grand Mosque. He wrote, meaning, “Make sure your blessings erase all your sins… Thank God for everything.”

French Montana

French Montana

French Montana recently released the film “For Khadija,” in which he rearranged the chapters of his life, from his move with his family from Casablanca to New York, through his and his mother’s struggle after his father’s decision to return to Morocco, all the way to his brilliance in the world music sky.

In the documentary, Montana says he and his mother share poignant moments, “embodying how her enduring faith helped them overcome a multitude of obstacles, while working multiple professions and praying daily.”

The film “For Khadija,” which bears his mother’s name, presents the story of his rise as a successful rapper, after he and his immigrant mother, who was raising three children, went through the void resulting from the father’s departure, and the financial and cultural challenges they faced together at the beginning of their move to America, according to the newspaper. “Washington Post”.

ظهرت في الأصل على

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