Hassan Asiri and Asayel, victims of the Ramez Gap program from the end, episode 18

Today’s victims of the Ramez Gap program from the end, episode 18, were the duo Asayel Muhammad and Hassan Asiri, and Ramez commented on the episode at the beginning, saying that it was a correction of an old mistake when he hosted Hassan years ago, and Hassan was extremely afraid in the prank, so the audience accused him of being fearful.

He said in his introduction to them, “I am bringing him today with a young star from the same country, for the sake of defending her, and we see patience and perseverance being the root of courage being generated in difficult moments. Take your chance… prove to people your courage.”

Hassan Asiri, Ramez Gap program from the other, episode 18, Ramadan 2024

Hassan Asiri and Asayel Muhammad on the Ramez Jalal 2024 program

Hassan Asiri arrived first, and Ramez jokingly called him “the Super Mario of the Arabs.” Hassan believed that Ramez presented a talk show, and that Mohamed Henedy and Mohamed Saad are the best in comedy in Egypt.

After him, Asayel Muhammad arrived, who appeared nervous upon her arrival, and who also declared that her dream was to work with Abdullah Al-Sadhan.

Asayel Muhammad, Ramez Jab Men Al Akhir program, Episode 18, Ramadan 2024

Asayel Muhammad Ramez Jalal 2024 and Hassan Asiri

The prank began with the duo falling into the black room after Asiri refused to say the password, “The cup is in the siphon,” and with Newton appearing, Asayel tried to take shelter with Hassan, who admonished Ramez, “By God, it’s a shame, even if the dog gets loose on the structure right now,” to which Ramez responded, “You will protect her.” .

When they saw the crocodile, Asiri said, “I am the deer, my friend.” Ramiz commented to him, “That is a crocodile,” and Asiri responded, “The antelope is not my friend.” The episode ended with Hassan Asiri hitting Ramez using the jacket.

A large number of followers interacted with the episode, especially those who were waiting for the episode: “Finally, Hassan Asiri’s episode. I have been waiting for it for a long time.” Another commented, “The man is a big fan of these wild events, and by God, he is very serious.” While another comment came, “Is there anyone who does this in… This moon is real.”

The story of the Ramez Gap program from the end

The story of the prank program “Ramez Gab from the Other” revolves around hosting a number of artists who have a group of problems, with the aim of reconciling them, including Mustafa Schubert, Muhammad Abu Jabal, Ahmed Al-Sakka, Bassem Samra, Hassan Shakoush, his ex-wife, Reem Tariq, and other artists.

Show dates for the Ramez Gap program from the end

The Ramez Jab Men Akher program will be shown daily in Ramadan 2024, after the Maghrib call to prayer at 6:01 pm, on the MBC Egypt channel and the Shahid platform.

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