Injury and body are merciless… Messi’s value declines with Inter Miami!

Messi’s value declines with Inter Miami…

The market value of Lionel Messi, the American Inter Miami player, has witnessed a significant decline in the recent period, after successive injuries that have plagued him this season.

The 36-year-old player played with the American team this season in the first three matches, during which he succeeded in scoring three goals, but he missed the next three matches due to injury.

According to the report published by the Transfer Market website, which specializes in the market values ​​of players, last November, Messi’s market value was 35 million euros, but it has now decreased to 30 million euros.

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Dominic Becker, the site’s data officer for the North American continent, explained: “Messi remains the star of the American League, and despite his age, he is still one of the best football players on the planet.”

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He continued: “The age factor is important for Messi. He has increasingly suffered from injuries, and it was impossible to avoid reducing his market value.”

It is worth noting that Inter Miami is preparing to face New York City, next Saturday evening, in the seventh round of the American League, in which Messi’s team ranks second with ten points.

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