Moscow attack survivor recounts details of “concert hall massacre”

Last Friday, Russian artist Alyona Kazinskaya lived a terrifying experience, as she witnessed the bloody attack that took place in the Crocus City Hall in Russia.

Reuters quoted Kaczynskaya as saying that she and her friend bought two tickets to attend a band concert Rocker (Peknik), which dates back to the Soviet era, performing in front of 6,200 people in a hall Crocus City Near Moscow.

The two friends thought about taking their daughters, but in the end they decided to go alone.

Kaczynskaya posted her first 10-second audio message on her channel on the Telegran app at 8:01 p.m., and her voice appeared trembling and breathless as the loud sound of gunfire was heard in the message.

“I love you all,” she said. “I’m at Crocus City Hall for a Picnic concert. There are people shooting at me.” Concert. Call the police.”

While four gunmen carrying Kalashnikov assault rifles stormed the building and opened fire on the audience, Kaczynskaya found herself surrounded in the deadliest attack on Russia in 20 years.

As of today, Thursday, 143 people have been confirmed killed in this massacre, which was announced by the “ISIS” organization.ISIS“His responsibility for it, however Russia Accuses Ukraine Standing behind it, which Kiev categorically denies.

Kazinskaya recounts the first moments of the attack

• In an interview with Reuters, Kaczynskaya said that she quickly realized that the sounds she heard were gunshots and not Sound effects She and her friend tried to persuade the audience to leave their seats and escape from the hall.
• Kazinskaya added: “We tried to attract the attention of the audience and we succeeded in that. But people had already started running to get out and we could not catch up with them. At this moment the gunmen entered the hall and I threw my friend to the ground.”

Confused messages

The first thing that came to Kaczynskaya’s mind was to get out of the hall at any cost, and she added: “Another idea came to my mind, which is that I am wearing white, which makes me an easy target.”

She continued, saying: “I thought about publishing anything at that time. Yes, I was very afraid, but I will publish these messages on my channel (via the application) Telegram) Because this way, anyone will find it and hear it and in turn ask for help.”

At 8:08 p.m., she wrote three messages in quick succession, the order of which was mixed up because her fingers were shaking on the phone.

The text of these successive messages was: “Please call the police…Crocus City Hall…there is a shooting.”

At that time, the two friends were able to exit the hall but were still trapped inside the building. Then the shooting stopped and another danger appeared.

At 8:17 p.m., she posted a one-word audio message: “Fire!”

The militants used it benzene To start a fire in the huge concert hall, the two friends took refuge in the bathroom and smoke was rising everywhere. They tried to get out six times, but they could not see anything because of the smoke and had to retreat each time, and Kaczynskaya began to lose hope.

Kaczynskaya left a four-second voice message at 8:23 p.m. that she thought would be her last, saying: “I love you. Goodbye.”

Exit the building

In the midst of this chaos and confusion, the two friends found themselves in another bathroom where many people were hiding, and there was a man saying that he thought he could find a way out, so they followed him until they were able to exit the building, but until this moment Kaczynskaya did not feel safe.

“Two thoughts came to mind,” Kazinskaya explained. “The first is that I need to… Band aid Because I couldn’t breathe, I had pain in my lungs and had an asthma attack. The second idea is that I want to get away from the building as much as possible.”

At 8:31 p.m., Kaczynskaya left a new voice message saying, “I’m still alive and receiving first aid. I’m out (of the building). Thank you.”

She hugged Kaczynskaya as she told everyone when she returned home, adding that she would not go to… Clubs Or big parties again before long after this incident, but she feels comfortable because of the great support she received.

“I think society needs to be kinder,” Kaczynskaya concluded. “We only remember that we are human and are kind when something bad happens, but we have to be human every day.”

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