Rain and wind activity… Meteorology announces weather details for the coming hours

09:00 p.m

Friday, March 29, 2024

Books – Amr Saleh:

The General Authority of Meteorology revealed the expected weather conditions for most parts of the country today, Friday.

The Authority expected that the country would witness hot weather during the day in Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt, warm on the northern coasts, hot in South Sinai and the south of the country, and pleasant at night and early in the morning in most parts.

She explained that light and moderate rain is expected to fall on areas of the northwestern coasts and northern Lower Egypt at intermittent intervals, and areas of Greater Cairo, southern Lower Egypt, southern Sinai, and southern Red Sea mountain ranges. It may be moderate in the early morning in western and southern Greater Cairo – Fayoum – Beni Suef. Intermittently.

It indicated the presence of active wind movement on areas of the northern coast, southern Sinai, and the south of the country at intermittent intervals.

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