Ramez Jalal challenges Hassan Asiri before meeting Asayel Muhammad: Defend Al-Mezza and show us your strength | news

The Saudi artist, Hassan Asiri, and the Saudi artist, Asayel Muhammad, fell into the trap of today’s episode of the program “Ramez Gap from the Other,” presented by the artist Ramez Jalal on MBC Egypt, and Ramez admitted in the introduction to the episode that this time he is trying to fix an old mistake that occurred when he hosted Hassan Asiri. In a previous season of his show.

Ramez Jalal said: “Today’s episode I am reconciling an old mistake. How many years ago I hosted a colleague from Saudi Arabia and pinched him a little, to the point that he made a voice like a guardian’s voice, and people forgot his entire history and remembered this episode. I did not mean to expose him to insult and insult, even though he insulted me and said ugly things.” .

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Hassan Asiri in Ramiz Jab from the other

Ramez added: “I brought him today with a young star from the same country, for the sake of defending her, and we will see patience and perseverance. Take your chance and prove to the people your courage. Defend the Mezza and show us your strength.”

Asayel Muhammad in Ramez Jaab from the other

As soon as he met Hassan Asiri, Ramez commented on his appearance by saying: “The Arab Superman, this is a vest, not a sea rank.”

Ramez asked Hassan Asiri about the Egyptian comedian star who makes him laugh, and he responded by saying: “Mohamed Henedy and Mohamed Saad.”

As for Asayel Muhammad, Ramez commented on her appearance, saying: “A flight attendant on Singapore Airlines.”

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Asayel Muhammad in Ramez Jaab from the other

The “Ramez Jab Min Al Akher” program, which is broadcast daily after the Maghrib call to prayer, as usual, witnesses an atmosphere of terror, suspense and excitement towards the guests. The promo sparked positive reactions from the fans and followers of the star Ramez Jalal in Egypt and the Arab world, due to the scenes it contained that combine horror and comedy in… The same time because of the exciting and unexpected adventures facing the stars who fell into Ramez’s trap.

Hassan Asiri in Ramiz Jab from the other

This year, a large number of art, sports and media stars fell into the trap of Ramez, including: Ahmed Al-Sakka, Somaya Al-Khashab, Bassem Samra, Hamdi Al-Marghani, Ayten Amer, Hassan Shakoush, Naglaa Badr, Ahmed Hossam Mido, Hamada Hilal, Mohamed Riad, Pamela Al-Kik, Mohamed. Shaheen, Hassan Asiri, and many other stars.

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