Saudi Arabia.. The appearance of a “giant” pilgrim in the Grand Mosque in Mecca ignites a reaction

Dubai United Arab Emirates (CNN)Activists on social media circulated video clips and pictures of a tall person performing Umrah rituals in the Grand Mosque in Mecca in Ramadan 2024, which sparked interaction.

The video clip of the pilgrim, whom activists described as a “giant,” was circulated by official and local Saudi media without providing additional details about the nationality of the intended pilgrim or information about his exact height.

The circulation of the video clip comes as the month of Ramadan 2024 enters its 19th day on Friday morning and the continued arrival of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims to perform their rituals in the Haram.

Attention is directed to sighting the crescent of Eid al-Fitr 2024, as there will be Islamic countries that will fast Ramadan on the 30th and others on the 29th, according to astronomical calculations reported by the International Astronomy Center in a statement linked to the website. CNN Arabic version of it, Thursday.

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