The Assassins series, Episode 17.. A trick by the Seljuk soldiers to reach Alamut Castle

Episode 17 of This was after they told the commander that they would announce their defection as if they had left the army and be loyal to Hassan al-Sabah, which is what actually happened in agreement with the commander and they fled.

The 17th episode of

Episode 17 witnessed the emergence of weakness among the soldiers in Hassan al-Sabah’s army among his followers and soldiers, who began to fear the strong Seljuk siege of the citadel, which made al-Sabah – Karim Abdel Aziz – come out into the public eye for the first time and give them an enthusiastic sermon that ignited enthusiasm in their chests.

The episode also previously witnessed the appearance of Jordanian artist Rakeen Saad for the first time as a guest of honor in the work, after Hassan Al-Sabah and Zaid bin Sayhoun learned of the existence of a conspiracy against him from within the castle, represented by some people’s access to Hassan Al-Sabah’s secret messages and deciphering their codes and symbols with great skill.

The surprise came in that those who leaked the messages were not soldiers, but rather girls, the daughters of shepherds who had suffered from the killing of their brothers and fathers and saw Hassan al-Sabah and the Seljuks as oppressors.

On the other hand, the 17th episode of the Assassins series began with Hassan Al-Sabah discovering thick smoke surrounding his room in Alamut Castle, and as soon as he opened the door, he found in front of him his wife, Donia Zad, who was the one causing that fire, but Hassan Al-Sabah’s soldiers were able to arrest her.

As she screamed intensely at Hassan al-Sabah and threatened him, he told his soldiers to enter her room and close the doors on her with all respect.

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