The Assassins series, Episode 17.. Al-Sabah’s wife tries to kill him by setting fires around his room

Episode 17 of The Assassins series Hassan Al-Sabah discovered thick smoke surrounding his room in Alamut Castle, and as soon as he opened the door, he found in front of him his wife, Donia Zad, who was the one causing the fire. However, Hassan Al-Sabah’s soldiers were able to arrest her.

And with her intense screaming at Good morning When she threatened him, he told his soldiers to enter her room and close the doors respectfully.

Episode 16 of… The Assassins series With a very exciting ending, represented by Hassan Al-Sabah – Karim Abdel Aziz – colliding while he was in his room in the castle due to a very intense smell of smoke, and as soon as he opened the door, he found very intense fire in front of the door. Episode 16 of the Assassins series ends with this scene, which foretells… Greater excitement during the upcoming 17th episode of The Assassins.

Episode 16 of the Assassin series witnessed a new decision from the commander of the Seljuk army in order to secure his army from any betrayal. It was a decision represented by going to all the tribes located near the citadel and warning their leaders, and asking them to take the son of each leader captive to them so that he would be safe from their treachery.

Episode 16 of the Assassin series witnessed a trick by Barzak Amid in order to escape from the Levant after killing the young man who left the Assassin sect. This was after he fell into the hands of the police, but he deceived them and asked them to leave him in exchange for giving them a large sum of money at the gate of the city. Once he arrived at the gate The city until he gave them a bag of gold, and while the soldiers were holding the bag, he killed them as he always did.

Episode 16 of the Assassins series witnessed the arrival of Barzak Amid, the right arm of Hassan al-Sabah, to Mansour, a member of the Assassins who abandoned their doctrine and turned to serving Imam al-Ghazali instead of killing him. Thus, the episode witnessed a distinctive duel and battle between the duo that ended with Barzak Amid being able to kill him with great difficulty.

The 16th episode of the Assassins series began with Hassan Al-Sabah’s wife blaming him after killing her son in the previous episode, in which she threatened him that she would be his adversary until death. Then he met his youngest son, Al-Hadi, who appeared to be extremely terrified of his father and asked him if it was possible for him to kill him later in case he died. He did something that would make him angry, to tell him that if he had committed a mistake among the people, he would not forgive him, but if it was special to him, like a father, he would forgive him, while Episode 15 of the Assassins series ended with a very distinctive scene, represented by the trial of the preachers of Al-Hussein bin Al-Hassan Al-Sabah, in which they tried to reduce his death sentence, but… The boy showed extreme stubbornness and did not ask for mercy from his father.

In view of the boy’s stubbornness, Karim Abdel Aziz – Hassan Al-Sabah – ruled that the son be executed, so that he would be killed in front of the eyes of his mother and his brother, Al-Sabah’s other son.

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