The Assassins series, Episode 18.. What are the most prominent features of Aristotle Thales’ philosophy?

Episode 18 of… The Assassins series Which is shown on the DMC channel in conjunction with its showing on the Watch It platform. There was a conversation between Omar Khayyam and Sahban about what each of them learned from the other. Sahban said that he learned from his companion the philosophy of Aristotle Thales.

Who is Aristotle Thales, and how skilled was he in science?

Aristotle Thales worked with philosophy in all its branches, but what caught Aristotle’s attention was the philosophy of nature. He defined it in the book of Physics as the study of things that change. Aristotle said: In order to understand change, we must distinguish between form and matter or thing. According to Aristotle’s belief, change is when matter itself acquires a new form.

Aristotle also studied motion as a type of change, wrote about the movement of celestial bodies, and investigated the variables that occur when something is created or destroyed.

In his book On the Soul, Aristotle investigated the multiple functions of the soul and the relationship between the soul and the body. He was also the first famous scientist in biology. He collected abundant information about animals and analyzed the parts of living organisms on the basis of the purpose each part fulfills.

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