The exposure of Koren Taesa did not innovate anything: the mistake made by “Ovda”

Koren, the 12-year-old boy who was at the center of the documentation that shook the whole world in the horror movie, sat last night with courage and boldness that only belongs to heroes in front of the cameras of “Ovda” and told what happened there on that black Sabbath, when it is most important to him that the details be accurate because it is his story and only his And his family, who lost the father of the family Gili and the eldest son Or, know exactly what happened in those moments of horror.

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One of the hardest-to-watch videos circulating online from the October 7 massacre was of two young children lying in bed, injured and bleeding from their legs, as their mother documents their injuries and begs for help. These were Koren and his younger brother Shai from the Taesa family from Netiv Hatara, who were terrorists who threw a grenade into the shelter where they were hiding.

His father jumped on the grenade, protected his children with his body, and lost his life. When they are wounded, bleeding and still unable to digest that their father was murdered in front of their eyes, the terrorists entered the shelter and took the children to the father’s housing unit. There, Koren discovered the abilities of a superhero, with great powers of mind, when he tried to communicate with the terrorists using Google Translate, and when he failed, he spoke to them in English, until the terrorists took his cell phone, and luckily they spared him and his brother. At the same time, he devotedly cared for his injured little brother, whose left eye had been dislodged from its place, and he is holding it with strength so that it does not fall, (a description that comes from other sources and not from “fact”). Koren tells how one of the terrorists who murdered his father, took out a bottle of Coke from the refrigerator and sipped it with chilling coolness, a marginal act in the family’s difficult story, but an example of the cruelty of these human monsters.

The events described last night did not tell us much about the Taesa family tragedy. We often heard about what happened there in great detail. His eight-year-old younger brother Shay also provided the same testimony to Ran Sharig and Dana Spector several months ago, but “Ovda” pumped out teasers all week for 12-year-old Koren’s story, which reveals what really happened there. The exposure did not change anything for us. It wasn’t as jarring and shocking as it should have been in normal times, because our shock bar since October 7 has long since skyrocketed. However, the film was well edited and created emotional tension, even though it lacked human descriptions from scenes that illustrate the absurd, as happened that morning, when the boy asked the terrorist ‘Why didn’t you kill me?’, another detail taken from other sources and not from “fact”.

“Ovda” made a mistake because they should have run promos during the week specifically for the first part of the program, the interview of Moran Stella Yanai who returned from captivity in Hamas. An interview that comes a few days after and as a direct continuation of the shocking and courageous testimony of Amit Sosna about the sexual assault she suffered while in captivity in Gaza. Moran Stella gives us an initial glimpse of the government’s terrible failure that began on October 7th and continues in full force, in the fact that the government has not made any contact with Moran to this day, four months after she was released. Not even a polite phone call to welcome her back. This in itself shows the brutal disconnection of the government from our abductees and the golden view that the abductees are not in their daily routine.

Moran’s interview also provides us with an understanding of how far the trauma is not only not over for the abductees who have returned from captivity, it is only now beginning to seep in. If in captivity they had to survive like animals in the wild and cut themselves off emotionally in order to focus only on their basic needs, now that they are outside, they have to digest because life will never get back on track.

Moran Stella, who was sitting in captivity next to Noa Argamani, did not reveal much information last night, and also passed on a topic when she was asked about sexual harassment she experienced or saw, but the little she did say, says so much and shouts to the heavens.

Her statement is clear: she must be constantly in motion and doing and not remain alone with herself and inactive, otherwise she goes back there, into the hell she came from.

This statement is so significant and should turn on red lights in all government offices and in the opaque minds of the ministers who stand at their head, so that they wake up and start treating the mental wounds of the abductees that will probably never heal. Instead of spreading funds to sectors that refuse to mobilize and bear the burden like everyone else, it is better that they invest those funds in the Ministry of Social Affairs and its people who are entrusted to care for and take care of those victims of the October Holocaust.

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